Flex 4 SDK Feature Planning Begins

As everyone should hopefully know by now we have a public bug and feature request system located at http://bugs.adobe.com/flex. Over the last few months we’ve had a number of feature requests filed, and it is becoming time to evaluate them for Flex 4. I wanted to let folks know that I and the rest of the Flex team will begin scrubbing through the Flex SDK feature request list starting this week, in a process that will definitely end up taking a few months. You can expect to see lots of the following:

  • marking FRs as duplicates
  • comments added
  • modifications to FRs as we gather more info and maybe refine the FR into something
  • closing of a FR because it is now encapsulated in something else
  • closing of a FR because we think it is something that is inappropriate for the SDK
  • closing of a FR because even if it’s a good idea we just think it will never happen
  • initial pass at giving a FR a priority for our own research purposes (which may be different than the final priority of the feature)
  • a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimate added based on nothing more than gut feel
  • FRs moved to be under investigation so that an engineer can add more info (under investigation is not a commitment)
  • FRs opened for implementation (this is unlikely to happen for a while unless it is an engineering task that we are committed to)
  • other modifications I’m not thinking of

Voting on feature requests will continue to work, and we’ll absolutely be taking the voting into account. If we decide as a management team that we do not want to implement a FR (or a bug fix) despite a high number of votes, we will try to be good about putting an explanation in the comments.

We don’t yet have a forum for asking questions about the actual process of examining these issues, but you can ask about general process in the comments. Please do not ask about individual FRs or bugs, we’ll have a forum for that in a few weeks (and I’ll simply ignore those kinds of questions for now).

Doing the actual examination in a completely open manner is pretty new to us, and I’m sure we’ll ruffle some feathers and make some mistakes. We hope that you’ll take this opportunity to work with us and help make the process as smooth as possible.

We should also note that while the Flex Builder does have a public bug system, the process for making decisions about what’s in FB and what’s not is going to be a little more behind-the-scenes. It is a commercial product with associated revenue and we do need to be more careful about what is seen as a commitment related to this kind of product.

6 Responses to Flex 4 SDK Feature Planning Begins

  1. Cool to hear what’s rolling with this. I’ve been enjoying the open communication for these rounds/cycles. Thank you.

  2. Tech Per says:

    That’s nice and interesting, but what about focusing on a 2.x bug fix or 3.x bugfix, before going wild on the flex4 features requests?Anyways, it *is* nice to see Adobe going strong on making flex even more feature rich. Just don’t forget to keep it bug free (or less buggy 🙂

  3. I’ve submitted security-related enhancements in the past. Since these are immediately made private after I submit them, how should I proceed in getting them the attention I think they deserve?

  4. Matt says:

    As reporter of the bug you should still be able to see the issue right? I forget if it sits in community status or if it goes to New immediately. If it goes to New then we should take a look fairly quickly. If it’s a feature request and not a bug we’ll be reviewing them pretty regularly as they come in. I’m in the middle of making the first pass now and have moved things to public that I didn’t think needed to be private.

  5. Ken says:

    I work for a fairly large company as a flex developer and the biggest problem that I have run into with flex applications is the size. And when I mean size I mean the 20KB could be the difference between building in flex or ajax. The reason is due to the global audience and so we try to optimize down as much as possible. I’d like to see Flex be optimized down to sizes competitive with ajax or even flash sizes. Flex would definitely become the leader for web developers like myself.

  6. stephen says:

    Search engine visibility.I have found it very difficult to find best practices for Flex 3. I am still looking for a really sound practice guide. Flex 4 – could you make it clearer with documented practices or even a framework. Any advice you can give on this subject would be great.