Adobe needs solid Flash/Flex developers

We are constantly on the lookout for developers who can contribute to the ever-growing product line at Adobe, especially folks who are experts at building on top of our own platforms like the Flash Player, Flex, Flash Media Server, etc. Make sure to keep an eye our on jobs site, and check out one current opening we have looking for help developing media components (e.g., super-cool video playback).

9 Responses to Adobe needs solid Flash/Flex developers

  1. *sighs*Sounds like Steve Jobs dashed my hopes of Flash Player being ported to the iPhone.I question the performance claim…I know you guys re-wrote Flash Player 9/AS3 from the ground up as a new virtual machine. But can it really be that much of a performance difference?I have Flash Player 7 on my WM5 PDAPhone. My only complaint was that all the web content upgraded to 8 & 9 for video and now there is almost no content I can view in Flash Player 7 on PPC.I would love to hear from you guys…is it a performance issue? I would really love a full Flash Player 9 on a mobile platform. (ie: Flex on Mobile).

  2. Matt says:

    Hi Jason,Don’t want to leave this unaddressed but I’m not really in a position to comment on this issue. There are absolutely plans though to continue delivering innovation to Flash for mobile.

  3. @Jason: Flash Player 9/AS3 has been rewritten from the ground up but with PC architectures in mind: huge RAM bandwidth and processor speed not yet achieved on mobile platforms. Tamarin currently do not support ARM jitted code, so AS3 is not available. Flash is a software-only renderer (as opposed to iPhone hardware rendered graphics using the built-in 3D chip), so difference is MASSIVE. Instead of worrying about the 4 or so millions of iPhones sold, I would worry more about the 300-400 millions (according to Adobe) of mobile phones that ship with FlashLite and are not capable of browsing Flash sites at all, because FlashLite != Flash. Web on mobile is already without Flash.

  4. Alex Bustin says:

    Any AS3 positions at Townsend St?

  5. Matt says:

    I believe the one listed above would be in SF at Townsend, I haven’t scanned to see what other jobs are open though.

  6. actionfigure says:

    Is it available for a foreigner? or only for US citizen? I worked with flash products for long time. I hope one day I can be a part of actual flash development team.

  7. Matt says:

    I’m not sure if this position will accept H1-B folks (the position is in the U.S.). But there are teams in other regions, often consulting, that are often looking to hire.

  8. Hi Matt,There definitely is a problem for us non US citizens with the Adobe recruiting center.The identification process does not allow to specify situations such as “I live in France, but I can work remotely for the US, or I can move in this or that other US city”. And job propositions almost never clearly indicate whether the job accepts non US folks to apply.As a result, when one applies for a job, (s)he never knows if his/her resume will ever be read by any recruiter, because a big company like yours obviously have filters (I guess that’s what the recruiting center is there for, after all) based on locales.I’m sure many Flex developers around the world are, like me, strongly committed with the english speaking (mainly US) online Flex community, and have little to do with their local Adobe teams, in case they have the chance to have one. Remember that when those teams do exist, they are very small, even in “big” european countries.This is all very frustrating. 😉

  9. Erin says:

    Hi!My name is Erin, and I’m one of the recruiters at Adobe. There is a way to filter for positions located in specific geo’s. If the position you’re interested in doesn’t show in the geo you specified, then the position isn’t offered in that location.Many, if not all, of my hiring managers are looking for people who can work onsite at the specific team spot; in this case, our SF & SJ locations.To address the question of are resumes being read. Yes, I review every single resume that is is submitted for all my open positions. I cannot respond to everyone, only those who qualify based on job responsibilities and needs. If the need is for a local resident, then yes, that is a filter.I’m sorry for the frustrations!