Please take the Flex and ColdFusion Developer Survey

We’re trying to get some substantial statistical data about Flex and ColdFusion developers and how you use our products. This helps us prioritize future development, understand our demographics, and highlight our strengths and shortcomings. We’d really appreciate it if you could take a few moments and fill out the survey (I think it will take you maybe 10 mins).

Note that for US and Canada (excluding Quebec) there is an optional sweepstakes you can join. I’m not actively promoting it as the reason to fill out the survey because it’s admittedly unfair to our many international developers, some of us actually voted against a sweepstakes to begin with, but since it exists, don’t want to hide from it.

You can take the survey here.

4 Responses to Please take the Flex and ColdFusion Developer Survey

  1. thinman says:

    That link times out/errors out. Can’t reach the survey…

  2. Boubalou says:

    Ah, the famous Quebec and their lottery.Worst thing to happen to us in a while. I swear I would be at least owner of a car or something if it wasnt of that freaking government (can’t participate in most of the sweapstakes outside of Quebec).-Boub

  3. Patrick Tai says:

    Too bad, I’m in Europe 🙁

  4. I took the survey, then afterwards realized there is another addition I’d really really love to see for the future of Flash. (ie: Flash Player 10/Flex 4/Flash CS4).Means for delivering content to a indexing spider (ie: googlebot). I think this is something that Adobe would have to work with Google on and then put out as an API.My thought on the implementation is a listener object that monitors state changes (or for traditional Flash apps, stopped frame states). Then delivers the content of any text areas, alt defs for images (which would have to be incorporated obviously), and tabular data (data grids,trees, tabs, etc).Said listener could be enabled or disabled to prevent or allow a spider to listen. However, the SWF would need to receive a parameter or check URL for existence of yet to be defined flag that a spider wants to listen. If so, then the eventlistener would be active. Otherwise, if not received it would be dropped to minimize performance loss that would otherwise occur.I expressed more thoughts on my blog. I’d love to see something like this or any other concept to enable such ability.!- The Saj (a.k.a. “The Dark Lord of the SWF”)