Flex and AIR books abound!

One of the benefits of being a public-facing Flex team member is that publishers and authors send me copies of their books. It’s pretty cool how many Flex and AIR related books have been coming out recently. To name a few delivered to me recently:

Beginning AIR by Rich Tretola
Flex 3 Training from the Source by Jeff Tapper, Michael Labriola, Matt Boles, and James Talbot
Flex Solutions by Marco Casario

Publishers like O’Reilly, Friends of Ed, and WROX are really stepping up and it’s great to see. You can see a comprehensive list of Flex books over at flex.org. But make sure to check out your favorite bookseller directly since there are a ton on AIR coming out as well!

7 Responses to Flex and AIR books abound!

  1. I liked Marco’s book. The MXML/AS format I think is great for people to learn and see how things are done.Did you get a copy of my book? Advanced Flex Application Development: Building Rich Media X.

  2. Matt says:

    Hi Chris,I think your publisher did send me a copy of your book. I will admit that usually I don’t get a chance to read anything, but the team does tend to go through each book as we build up a reference library for QA and other teams.

  3. Florian says:

    While I’m happy to see a lot of people are invested in writing books for the community, I think there are too much books for beginners today that cover topics already well explained in the official docs.What ‘advanced’ would you recommend?

  4. Could I please request all the authors to ensure that their books get launched in India .. there is a huge demand here but unfortunately only the Flex related books published by o’rielly become available in India and that too after 5-6 months of their launch .. here’s an article I wrote almost 9 months back, the situation has gotten a little better since then but its still pretty bad http://weblog.mrinalwadhwa.com/2007/07/04/flex-books-in-india/_Mrinal

  5. Komal says:

    Thanks Florian, for bringing this up! I’m also from India and am keenly looking for some good books in the stores but to my dismay found none except Orielly. They are good but i’ve already one and i’m looking for some more stuff!Matt you or someone from your team can please suggest me some good books on Flex and AIR… I’m interested. Beginners to intermediate requested.Thanks!

  6. Matt,I’ve jumped headfirst into Flex since the beginning of the year, having decided that the specs for the product my employer wanted suited Flex to a tee.One of the best things about the Flex framework for me is that it finally lets me work in the Flash environment with a logical workflow. From a development point of view, writing in Flash was a nightmare; debugging was a trial and variable scope a constant confusion with the clips and their timelines. The Flex framework has thankfully separated development with rich content.One of the hardest things about developing in Flex/Air for me has been support. I don’t blame Adobe, but have found resources such as Safari Books Online invaluable, as many of the good text books for Flex 3 are still on preorder at Amazon :(To my disappointment, I’ve found almost a dead zone on Flex Remoting. Mark Pillar from the Midnight Coders blogs a fair bit on the Adobe Developer Connection about Flex and .NET, and their now free product, WebORB, is fantastic. And of course there is the equally impressive open source FluorineFx. But I’m still struggling to really understand the ins and outs of Flash Remoting as it applies to Flex and AIR. The product I’m developing works wonderfully, but I have security and performance concerns, with few resources to help me along.I know Adobe is pushing Blaze, but I personally prefer C# over Java and enjoy working in the .NET framework (fingers crossed that Mono succeeds). I’d hope that Adobe, who have finally stepped up into the Development spotlight, will start to provide some more in-depth support and training for Flex and AIR Remoting.Thanks,Justin

  7. Billigflüge says:

    I love O´Reillys´ suggestions as well as his websites in my eyes he´s one of the few, who are able to discover and develope well structured and fast and is able to pass his knowledge on. There is so much stuff about Air out there, you need to be careful in which gully you throw your money.