announced today

I’m very excited about now that it has officially launched. I use Buzzword all the time as we put articles for the Dev Center on there which I need to write or review. And ConnectNow is fantastic as a web conferencing solution, everyone should be using it.

And of course much of this is built with Flex, so I can’t help but take some pride in seeing our framework used to build such an ambitious set of products. The lessons we learn from the development teams go back into the product which benefits everyone.

Make sure to check things out and stay tuned over time as we add even more!

One Response to announced today

  1. zwetan says:

    very cool stuff :)could there a possibility to use ConnectNow with more than 3 users for people doing flash/flex related open source project ?I understand that connectNow need a paying model and I don’t ask it for free, but erm from 3 to 1500 users, it’s kind of a big gap.