Upcoming Flex 3.1 Feature: Marshall Plan

I’m sure based on the activity you’ve seen in the Flex 3 branch you’d think not much is going on, however you’d actually be wrong. Alex has been leading an effort on a feature we call the Marshall Plan. This is a play on words but is meant to solve a problem that we think folks building big pieces of software may face: the fact that sometimes you can’t recompile everything to be on the most recent version of Flex. Additionally it is meant to solve a common use-case we hear about with AIR apps especially, the desire to act as a portal where SWF content can be loaded from multiple domains.

You can learn more about this in abundant detail over on the Marshall Plan Spec page. And if you want, Alex will be presenting on this very topic at 360Flex in August!

ETA: I forgot, I’ve done some small updates on the Flex 3 page to reflect upcoming dates.