Upcoming Flex 3.1 Feature: Marshall Plan

I’m sure based on the activity you’ve seen in the Flex 3 branch you’d think not much is going on, however you’d actually be wrong. Alex has been leading an effort on a feature we call the Marshall Plan. This is a play on words but is meant to solve a problem that we think folks building big pieces of software may face: the fact that sometimes you can’t recompile everything to be on the most recent version of Flex. Additionally it is meant to solve a common use-case we hear about with AIR apps especially, the desire to act as a portal where SWF content can be loaded from multiple domains.

You can learn more about this in abundant detail over on the Marshall Plan Spec page. And if you want, Alex will be presenting on this very topic at 360Flex in August!

ETA: I forgot, I’ve done some small updates on the Flex 3 page to reflect upcoming dates.

7 Responses to Upcoming Flex 3.1 Feature: Marshall Plan

  1. Srinivas says:

    I saw this in the roadmap for Flex 3.03.0 February 25, 20083.0.1 April 04, 20083.0.2 Planned June 20083.1 Planned August 20083.2 Planned Fall 2008Is this for Flex Builder?If this is not for Flex Builder, how do we get the updates for Flex Builder.In the adobe bug system, some issues were marked as fixed in 3.0.1. How do we get the 3.0.1 update for flex builderThanks

  2. Matt says:

    Builder will probably update in the 3.1 milestone.The instructions here say how to apply a nightly or stable build to the SDK: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Using+Flex+3+Builds+in+Flex+Builder

  3. Matt says:

    I should also note that we’ve adjusted the dates so that 3.1 will be earlier and 3.2 will be later and now it’s 3.2 which will have Marshall Plan.

  4. Srinivas Surapaneni says:

    Thank YouI will update it with 3.0.1 and see if it fixed the issues with Eclipse 3.4Is there any plan to support eclipse updates?

  5. Matt says:

    Oh, I think I misread. Unfortunately Flex Builder numbering is out of sync with SDK. Flex Builder 3.0.1 will match with Flex SDK 3.1 probably. So updating the SDK will not update Flex Builder in your case. We do have the FB update planned with 3.1 and that will hopefully add support for Eclipse 3.4.

  6. Srinivas Surapaneni says:

    Are there any plans for beta of 3.1?Eclipse 3.3 had issues on Windows Vista and those were resolved in eclipse 3.4.on the bugs.adobe.com also, there are lot of cases opened on this, Some had the comments saying it is fixed and some says it works on Eclipse 3.4 RC1. Answers are not consistent on the case notes.

  7. Flüge says:

    Unfortunately I´ve missed the 360. The Marshall Plan Specs are very interesting and I am looking forward to its accomplishment.