Awesome branding experience done partly in Flex!

Normally you think of high-end marketing sites being done in pure AS3 and Flash, but the Bombay Sapphire experience was a combination of fantastic Flash design and great Flex architecture. The folks at Gugga did the development and Shift Global did the design.

The folks at Gugga are working on putting together an article describing some of the process and key Flex elements which we’ll hopefully have out in a month or two.

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  1. Paul Uza says:

    While I agree that the website looks great the high end stuff was still done using AS3 while Flex was used for the underlying framework. This website uses AS3 classes like Papervision3D for most of the visuals and Caurina’s Tweener for the animations. Flex was used there mostly to draw the inputs and to manage data.I personally don’t think Flex should be used for projects like that due to the size overhead and code complexity that the framework adds to projects.The question is: if you take away the custom AS3 code, will it still look as good? Can we call this a 100% Flex project?

  2. Hi Paul,Caurina’s Tweener is used only in the Legal Drinking Age verification form. The reason for that is explained here: Effects and Transitions are used in the rest of the application.I hope that our upcoming article will give an answer to your question.

  3. We are working on a DevNet article that will explain the architecture, implementation and approach but in general this is a very Flex project. Flex can and should be used for projects like these it brings tremendous benefits. Its not as easy is it should be but its getting there. Just look at what is coming for Flex 4 and you will have an Epiphany 🙂

  4. Hi, Paul Uza,It’s very difficult to say what’s been used for such an application, especially when you haven’t taken part in doing it or haven’t taken time to reverse engineer it.I’m part of the Gugga team, so I can assure you we’re not using Flex ‘just’ for the underlying framework (whatever that means).First, Flex is not a library of utilities, but a complete platform for doing Rich Internet Applications. There’s a certain difference between a toolkit and a framework, and a framework and a platform.Second, Flex is a TECHNOLOGY, comprised from a great IDE and also a couple of programming languages – MXML (extremely comfortable for expressing layouts and declarative definition of complex transitions – you refer to it as animations) ans ActionScript 3 – fairly decent OO language (no need to write about it). On top of that is the Flex Framework – which gives flexible component based development infrastructure, but also a comprehensive application infrastructure.We use the Tweener just for the animations in the Preloader (the part when you select age, country, language) – which is Flash, because at that point the main application (the Flex one) is still loading (check out my blog for more info on that).All other effects are using the Flex effects or their extended versions.We used to use the Gugga Flash Framework when building huge marketing platforms like the Bombay one, but our framework suffered exactly from what you’ve wrote – size overhead (complex transitions took so much AS code – MXML is much more natural), not to mention that we had to use custom layout logic for every custom component.My answer is YES – this is a 100% Flex project – a cutting edge Flex project, a project that drove the Flex technology to its limits.

  5. Daniel Shaw says:

    FWIW, I think the date selector at the opening of the site is terrible. I actually ended up posting an invalid date just because I got tired of trying to get it to “float” to the right value. I love the immersive experience of the rest of the site… I just hate it when designers get too fruity with forms.

  6. Bing says:

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