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In my role as a PM I see lots of feature requests and suggestions that we should do “X” as part of Flex. Unfortunately we can’t do everything, and in fact don’t necessarily have the expertise in-house to do many of these features. But we do have a great community of passionate folks who sometimes do know about related technologies and are interested in making a difference. Projects like Cairngorm, PureMVC, Mate, FlexLib, FlexUnit, and more recently FlexCover etc were not started by the Flex team, or even Adobe (Cairngorm was done by iteration::two before we bought them).

I’ve gone ahead and created a page on our open source site with some suggested projects that I’d love the community to work on. Things that we’d probably do if we had all the time in the world and infinite resources, but that we probably won’t get to in the Flex 4 time frame. Many of these are based on conversations I’ve had with folks, where they’d even be willing to participate. So if you see a project you’d be willing to lead, please please please speak up!

Suggested projects page

You can also of course suggest more projects and I can add them to the page. If you know of a project that we should be promoting because it addresses some of these already (or it should just be promoted in general) we can put it on the related projects page.

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  1. I think a dependency injection/IoC framework already exists created by Chris Scott and called Swiz. I don’t think he has promoted it much at the moment but I have only heard good things.

  2. Velo says:

    Hi Matt,Maven2 support can be covered by flex-mojos.It uses flex-compiler-oem API to compile flex projects using maven.Supports RSL, caching, unit testing, and almost all available parameters of mxmlc and compc. has a great performance too, because just need to load flex compiler once, instead of recursive calls to mxmlc/compc.Well, I wanna see flex-mojos at this promoted project list =DVELO

  3. zwetan says:

    the problem with listing is that in general they do not list everythinga lot of projects can be found in google code too you can find interesting projects as nobody list anywhere else

  4. Borek says:

    Have you considered creating a team focused exactly on this kind of projects? I think Microsoft got it right with the Patterns and Practices team – you get an “official” architectural guidance for .NET programming and this is kind of lacking in the Flex world.IoC is a good example – while there might be some IoC frameworks out there, I would love to see one of them being developed or supported/promoted by Adobe (it’s one of the most important foundations for almost any application so it would make sense to have one officially supported in my opinion).I would really love better promotion of best practices directly from Adobe.Regards,Borek

  5. Matt says:

    Hi Borek,Creating a team to come up with best practices is a somewhat expensive way of doing something that the community tends to like to do anyway. We could attempt to put folks together and “hand down” what we think the best practices are, but I think having the community work together to come up with ideas and then finding ways to incorporate them back into the product is potentially more effective.Matt

  6. VELO says:

    Hi Matt,Can flex-mojos be used to close this issue:

  7. Matt says:

    Hi VELO,I certainly hope so, I have deferred the issue and recommended folks help submit patches for the issues that you need addressed in the SDK.Matt