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Want to be an Adobe Student Representative?

We’re looking for folks who can help lead the way of RIAs using Adobe technology in their schools. We can help get you speaking opportunities, software, community recognition, etc. More info and a registration form on If you’re a full-time college student this might be a great opportunity!

Get yourself in the MAX Keynote!

You all probably saw our very successful video collection,, right? Well we’re asking for a new set of videos, 30 seconds on Why Adobe MAX. See the details over on Ted’s blog. Top videos are going to make it into the MAX keynote.

Flex team may have to think of some as well 🙂

Another opportunity for a free MAX pass

In addition the MAX passes my team has available as part of our incentive program for Flex 3 contributions; we’ve introduced the Adobe AIR Cookbook Cook-off. Open to US residents only (sorry, for international contribute to Flex!), this is an opportunity to provide some top-notch knowledge to the rest of the community and get rewarded if your entry is considered great. So go ahead and contribute to the AIR Cookbook and win some of our fabulous prizes!

Cairngorm now on

I’m very pleased to see the open source infrastructure that we’ve set up at Adobe expanding further with our move of Cairngorm onto that domain. It takes a lot of work to create all of the content and infrastructure around a larger open source project, so congrats to the Adobe Consulting team for taking this step. Take a moment to check out the site and also check Steven’s blog post for the Adobe Consulting take on where things may go.

Cairngorm site
Steven’s post