See the 360Flex San Jose Video

For those not watching the sessions via AMP (and you really should), here’s the video we created for the latest conference. Enjoy!

2 Responses to See the 360Flex San Jose Video

  1. Paul & Art says:

    If I only could, I surely would…But on this side of the ocean, AMP badges are not even clickable! What a miserable UX from Adobe: you spend 5 minutes looking for a download link, before you realize you’ve just been slapped on the face…

  2. Erki Esken says:

    Yeah, it seems they have limited even the AMP install itself to North America only now. I fortunately have AMP from when it was in 1.0 and available everywhere. It updated to new 1.1 now and I can see the 360Flex stuff.But seriously, the whole AMP installer and AMP content geographical limitation policy sucks big time.