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More Flex Specs: Effects and Animation

Two new specs available for your perusal:
Arbitrary Type Interpolation and
New Effects for Components and Graphics

Latest Flex Spec: CSS Selectors

One of our highest-voted features had to do with expanding how much CSS is supported in Flex. Check out the latest spec and you can even download a recent nightly build and see it in action!

Feedback appreciated in the spec comments.

Capacity Planning for LCDS

A common request I’ve heard is for guidance around capacity planning for LCDS installations. We’ve gone ahead and created a document for planning with LCDS 2.6. You can view it here and learn a little more over on Damon’s blog.

Rescue me!

Nuff said

Early Bird Registration for MAX Europe Almost Done

Make sure to register! I’ll be there and am very much looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Open Source Contributions and MAX

I’m late in posting this, but congratulations are in order for Josh Buhler and Brian Telintelo for having 10 patches accepted. In return I’ve bought them each 3 Adobe-related books and we’ve paid for their MAX ticket in San Francisco. I’ve also bought books for a few other folks as well. Everyone benefits though, more bugs are fixed than if we didn’t have the community contributing. I’m not buying more MAX tickets, but we’ll keep buying books, so if you have bugs you think ought to be fixed feel free to contribute away!