Slides from MAX 2008

Here are the slides from my two talks in Milan. They are essentially the same as what was presented in San Francisco so if you’re bummed that Ely and Deepa are slacking you can grab them from here too 🙂

3 Responses to Slides from MAX 2008

  1. greg h says:

    fyi …The screencast is now online of Deepa’s presentation using these slides at San Francisco MAX!Screencast url: stuff! Thanks to you Matt and all of the amazing team at Adobe for all of your great work evolving Flex, and in turning out at MAX, 360Flex, etc to help get the word out. Hearing straight from the SDK team really helps us better create our magic with these tools and technologies :-)g

  2. Ack, I apologize. Session materials including code up on my website now:

  3. Flug says:

    Thanks for sharing the presentation here. I haven’t seen the slides from SF, but thanks for the advice. Special thanks to Deepa, as I just do not have time to attend personally but like to stay informed. Great job guys!