Coding for Nabaztag?

Our QA manager recently added a Nabaztag to her cube at work, which means all of us are sending it nasty sound files and messages to keep us entertained. We know that there are ActionScript APIs already available for the Nabaztag API and even some apps already built. But if someone were to build a super-cool Flex example that leveraged the Nabaztag (that we can then use in-house), I’m sure we could come up with some worthy gift for you 🙂

To help out, we asked the guys at Violet to add a crossdomain.xml file to the api domain, and last night they did. So no more proxies needed!

Have fun!

One Response to Coding for Nabaztag?

  1. Paulo Fierro says:

    Hi Matt, I threw together a quick Flex and AIR app you can find here: can find more info on the app here: the talk I held about this at the local user group (Flash User Group Norway) here: