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Have you registered for MAX yet?

MAX 2009 is only about 10 weeks away. We’re of course gearing up for it on the Flex team, planning sessions, reviewing the ones done by our kick-ass external speakers, and making sure we can be there and talk to whomever wants to talk to us. I’m expecting it to be a pretty great conference. If you haven’t registered yet, we’ve posted some good ideas on how you can get to MAX on a budget; making sure that you save as much money as possible in your registration, airfare, and hotel. So go ahead and register and we’ll be excited to see you there!

Speaking at Flash Camp, Italy

Oh how I wish I’d be doing this in person, but I’m actually going to be staying up very late in San Francisco and speaking remotely to the folks at Flash Camp in Italy the 5th of September. It’s looking like there’s going to be a number of top-notch speakers and sessions so I’m excited to be a part of it. Make sure to check out the agenda and register!

Another Flex Book Available

I’m always excited to see how many books have been written about Flex. While I haven’t read this, another one has come on the market recently covering Flex and Java, making sure that you know how to work with the combination of Flex and Blaze DS. It’s called Flex 3 with Java by Satish Kore. It’s available here as well as on Amazon and I’m sure other retailers.

If you’ve read it feel free to comment on it here.

Do you create automation agents for Flex?

Our engineering team is looking to host a session explaining the changes coming in the automation APIs for Flex 4. This session will only be useful to those who have created an agent in the past and are looking to maintain it into the future (I expect this number to be small). If you qualify, please contact me at mchotin AT adobe DOT com.