My interview on the Flex Show is posted

Jeff has posted the podcast that we recorded a few weeks ago. You can hear a lot of my own opinions on where things stand, what’s cool about Flex 4, and more!

At some point in the interview I embarrass myself in not really knowing what’s coming in CF9 that’s going to benefit Flex developers, but since that time I have played with it a little in building an app I hope my team can use. There really are some great things with CF that make it very fast to build the back end to a Flex app (if you want to think of it as front-end first and back-end second). For example, I played with the upload utility which helps quickly get files up to the server for temporary storage. I’ve also been taking advantage of the ORM features so that you can really just write your value objects and not write any database code whatsoever. It makes writing your services for data storage and retrieval really easy! And then of course you’ve got CF Builder, an IDE that can really assist morons like me who don’t actually know what they’re doing in getting up to speed and being more productive once we do have a clue. Make sure to check out the CF9 betas on Labs!

2 Responses to My interview on the Flex Show is posted

  1. Francis Lukesh says:

    Matt, great interview, thanks for your time. What is the best way to have a dialog with your team regarding suggestions, architecture discussion, roadmap-related questions, etc. On the show you said “if you have ideas and suggestions, definitely let us know” but didn’t mention how exactly :)I understand the bug base also serves as a feature request system, but I would like to know if there is a forum for discussion surrounding higher-level steering discussions about the future of the Flex framework, and the Flash platform in general.Also, do you have a link to the best / most comprehensive how-to for getting started in participating in the Flex open source work?

  2. Matt Chotin says:

    Hi Francis, check out the open source roadmap and more at, we have links to the forums we use for discussion there as well. Also docs on how to get involved.