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Flex PM Updates

Over the last few months we’ve announced some exciting new members of the Flex PM team: Andrew focusing on Flash Builder and Deepa focusing on the Flex SDK. With Doug focusing on Flash Catalyst and folks like Vera and Bill helping across our ecosystem, the Flex PM team is in better shape than ever. This means that I’ve been given an opportunity to take a new role that will allow to me focus on broader efforts across the Platform Business Unit. After 7 years of working on Flex and its related tools I’m excited to improve my own understanding of how our larger business works and do what I can to make sure that all of us within Adobe are making the Flash Platform the best it can be.

This role change means that I’ll be less involved in the day-to-day operations of Flex, so you won’t see me announcing new builds, beta programs, or responding on the forums. But I’ll continue to work closely with the folks on the Flex team (and still sit right next to them) to ensure its continued success.

A highlight of my current job is working with such a great community, so while I may not be the guy to go to for your detailed Flex needs anymore, you won’t be able to get rid of me completely!

Hope to see many of you at 360Flex!

Reasons to go to 360Flex San Jose

I haven’t been posting to my blog in a while, and honestly I’m likely to keep being pretty bad about it. But 360Flex remains very important to me as it really is one of the best shows out there! Let me provide a few reasons that may not know as to why you should plan on being there in March:

  • Deepa is going to be giving her first keynote, and it’s going to be awesome!
  • Deepa’s keynote is going to have cool videos from the Flex team, which will only be shown at the keynote
  • When they are ready (which may not be by conference time), we’re going to ship every attendee a complete set of the Flex 4 posters. That’s right, the same posters you can receive when you register your copy of Flash Builder. Which means that this is a minimum value of $249!
  • We came up with some pretty cool new swag that we’ll be giving away (in addition to the posters)
  • Tons of members of the Flex team are going to be in attendance, and they want to talk to you

Plus of course you have the usual reasons, the great speakers, the great community, the great organizers! But c’mon, if those posters don’t have you attending, I don’t know what will!