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Devoxx Talk now available on Parleys

Back in December Chet Haase, James Ward and I spoke at Devoxx, a Java community conference (one of the biggest worldwide) in Antwerp, Belgium. We gave a number of sessions, but one was the Future of RIAs, according to Adobe :-). It’s available via Parleys, one of the coolest Flex (and AIR if you want it) apps available today. And I’ve embedded it below for your convenience.

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ILOG Elixir V2 Now Available

The great visualization components from ILOG have gotten an update and are now available. Check out the great demos over on the ILOG site and if you’re as blown away as I am make sure to get all the details on how to purchase.

Using markup to style ILOG charts

The ILOG Elixir data display component library offers some great stuff for viewing your data. And the ILOG team have posted two interesting articles on how you can style those charts using Degrafa or even FXG and MXML graphics from Gumbo. We really hope that this skinning will allow you to make your data visualization applications shine!

Judging the Ribbit Killer App Challenge

I’m excited that I’m going to be one of the judges for the Ribbit Killer App Challenge where you can submit Flash applications (built with Flash or Flex) that use the Ribbit SDK for some crazy cash prizes. The earlier you submit the better your chance at getting in on some of the early prizes too! If you’re feeling adventurous maybe you can try to use the Gumbo build of the Flex SDK for your app 🙂

AIR Team Blog

I somehow missed the fact that the AIR Team is blogging! This will be a great way to keep up on the latest AIR news, make sure you have it in your feeds.

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Nuff said

I was interviewed by Ryan F****** Stewart!

See what I had to say about Flex 4, open source, etc. Then Ryan gives some demos of incorporating the Gumbo SDK into Flex builder, and shows some of the new cool graphics primitives!

Flash Player 10 Camp, Register Now!

Learn about new Flash Player features!
Create Flash Player 10 content and applications!
Test and optimize content and applications for Flash Player 10!

Come to the SF office and hang out with the Player team. Full unconference style.

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See the 360Flex San Jose Video

For those not watching the sessions via AMP (and you really should), here’s the video we created for the latest conference. Enjoy!

NFL Sunday Night Football Available via Flash

Today we announced that NBC’s Sunday Night Football is going to be simulcast live via streaming Flash Video. This is pretty cool stuff. If I hadn’t been broadcasting my desktop in meetings today I would have watched my Redskins get their butts handed to them while at work (damn west coast time difference). So I haven’t been able to watch the experience because they only do it when the game is live, but based on what I’ve read from the announcement and the website, seems like you’re going to have a whole new way of experiencing the game!