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Want to be an Adobe Student Representative?

We’re looking for folks who can help lead the way of RIAs using Adobe technology in their schools. We can help get you speaking opportunities, software, community recognition, etc. More info and a registration form on If you’re a full-time college student this might be a great opportunity!

Self-promo: my latest interview on The Flex Show

I’m very glad that Jeff and John have been able to keep this podcast going strong. Episode 49 is a conversation with yours truly about Flex futures, trademarks and legal issues, etc.

Awesome branding experience done partly in Flex!

Normally you think of high-end marketing sites being done in pure AS3 and Flash, but the Bombay Sapphire experience was a combination of fantastic Flash design and great Flex architecture. The folks at Gugga did the development and Shift Global did the design.

The folks at Gugga are working on putting together an article describing some of the process and key Flex elements which we’ll hopefully have out in a month or two.

Floorplanner, a cool Flash and now Flex/Papervision app

I saw a demo of this a few months ago, but the next beta is now out. Floorplanner is an online tool for creating, you guessed it, floor plans! Something I know I wish I had used when setting up my house a few years ago, or when helping my parents design theirs. If you go to the main site you’ll see today’s version, and if you want to see a ton of examples go to But for the latest and greatest, check out the latest beta and click on the 3D button so you can see a little Papervision3d in action. Some pieces of the newer app are done in Flex, but a lot of the older pieces are pure AS1 and AS2.

Upcoming Flex 3.1 Feature: Marshall Plan

I’m sure based on the activity you’ve seen in the Flex 3 branch you’d think not much is going on, however you’d actually be wrong. Alex has been leading an effort on a feature we call the Marshall Plan. This is a play on words but is meant to solve a problem that we think folks building big pieces of software may face: the fact that sometimes you can’t recompile everything to be on the most recent version of Flex. Additionally it is meant to solve a common use-case we hear about with AIR apps especially, the desire to act as a portal where SWF content can be loaded from multiple domains.

You can learn more about this in abundant detail over on the Marshall Plan Spec page. And if you want, Alex will be presenting on this very topic at 360Flex in August!

ETA: I forgot, I’ve done some small updates on the Flex 3 page to reflect upcoming dates. announced today

I’m very excited about now that it has officially launched. I use Buzzword all the time as we put articles for the Dev Center on there which I need to write or review. And ConnectNow is fantastic as a web conferencing solution, everyone should be using it.

And of course much of this is built with Flex, so I can’t help but take some pride in seeing our framework used to build such an ambitious set of products. The lessons we learn from the development teams go back into the product which benefits everyone.

Make sure to check things out and stay tuned over time as we add even more!

Create Flash Player 10 (Astro) content with the Flex SDK

I’ll write this up now since I was on vacation last week.

As you probably know, last week we released the beta of Flash Player 10, code named Astro. While we’re waiting for Flex 4 to take full advantage of Player 10, we wanted to make sure that developers had some options to try out the new features. Therefore we have a nightly build of the SDK that can output to run in Player 10.

The following pages should be useful:
Lee Brimelow’s video showing what to do
Flex SDK instructions
FP10 ASDoc

Note that the best resource is still the page on Labs since as more demos come online we’ll link them there.

Also, Flex Builder code hinting will not work for some of the new properties on existing classes (new classes should be OK). We’re going to figure out the right way to solve this and it will obviously work in Flex Builder 4, but we’re not sure if we’ll address it in a Flex Builder 3 patch.

More testing support for Flex from Borland

The number of vendors supporting Flex for testing continues to grow. Borland today is releasing SilkTest 2008 which can perform functional testing for Flex apps and SilkPerformer 2008 which can do load testing with AMF.

Good news for everyone!

360Flex Europe is soon!

A little birdie has provided us a discount code for 360Flex Europe. Go register and use the code “adobelove” and you’ll get 10% off!

I’ve attended all 360Flex conferences in the US and they just keep getting better. There’s a ton of great things going on in Milan, so if you’re able to I’d go check it out!

Please take the Flex and ColdFusion Developer Survey

We’re trying to get some substantial statistical data about Flex and ColdFusion developers and how you use our products. This helps us prioritize future development, understand our demographics, and highlight our strengths and shortcomings. We’d really appreciate it if you could take a few moments and fill out the survey (I think it will take you maybe 10 mins).

Note that for US and Canada (excluding Quebec) there is an optional sweepstakes you can join. I’m not actively promoting it as the reason to fill out the survey because it’s admittedly unfair to our many international developers, some of us actually voted against a sweepstakes to begin with, but since it exists, don’t want to hide from it.

You can take the survey here.