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Another Flex Book Available

I’m always excited to see how many books have been written about Flex. While I haven’t read this, another one has come on the market recently covering Flex and Java, making sure that you know how to work with the combination of Flex and Blaze DS. It’s called Flex 3 with Java by Satish Kore. It’s available here as well as on Amazon and I’m sure other retailers.

If you’ve read it feel free to comment on it here.

Help the Flex team create great learning content

We know you have opinions on the documentation that comes with (or you think should come with) Flex. We know you have opinions on the samples or lack thereof. We know you have opinions on articles we should be posting, contests we should be sponsoring, sites we should be hosting, all to help people (including yourself) learn Flex.

We have a group called the Flex Learning Advisors and if this sort of thing is a passion of yours, we’d really like you to join it.

What Non-Flex Resources Have Helped You with Flex?

In a discussion with some Adobe Community Experts it came up that we expect you to have a reasonable amount of prerequisite knowledge to use Flex. You are better off if you have some familiarity with web development already, especially in areas such as exposing data as services, OO programming, CSS syntax, XML, etc. But not everyone who decides to learn Flex has all of that experience. So we were thinking it could be good to build up a list of general resources that can help with all the things you probably ought to know to improve your chances of success with Flex.

I don’t know where we’ll put this, but please start by commenting here on suggestions you might have for books, blogs, websites, online tutorials, etc. that provide the background material you might need to write any RIA, not just a Flex RIA. Feel free to be very specific, chapters in a book if you know them for example.

First round of Flex video-based training materials posted

One of the things we’ve been working on over the last few months is a series of training materials designed to get you up and running with Flex in 5 days. We have a series of videos along with exercises that go through the fundamentals of Flex, meant to be covered in a simple week.

Check them out here and please give us feedback here.

Draft documentation for Flash Accessibility

Andrew Kirkpatrick has some information posted on our draft documentation for the Flash Accessibility APIs. This is important information for anyone who builds components that need to be accessible, or is curious about how Flex for example implements all of its accessibility support.

Please make sure to post comments or bugs on the Flex Documentation Blog or in JIRA.

Download the docs

AIR Cookbook now in beta

The Flex Cookbook is a great way to learn how to do specific tasks in Flex and is growing every day. Now we have the AIR Cookbook to go along with it. Learn how to accomplish things using both Flex and HTML to best leverage AIR. And once again, contributions to the online cookbook will be considered for inclusion in the upcoming O’Reilly printed edition as well!

Flex 3 Cookbook Cookoff

The Flex Cookbook is a great resource for those who need to learn how to accomplish specific tasks. In fact, it’s such a great resource that some of its recipes were contributed into the official O’Reilly Flex 3 Cookbook!

Now O’Reilly is hosting a contest for the best newly submitted recipes. Check out the details over on InsideRIA!

Flex and AIR books abound!

One of the benefits of being a public-facing Flex team member is that publishers and authors send me copies of their books. It’s pretty cool how many Flex and AIR related books have been coming out recently. To name a few delivered to me recently:

Beginning AIR by Rich Tretola
Flex 3 Training from the Source by Jeff Tapper, Michael Labriola, Matt Boles, and James Talbot
Flex Solutions by Marco Casario

Publishers like O’Reilly, Friends of Ed, and WROX are really stepping up and it’s great to see. You can see a comprehensive list of Flex books over at But make sure to check out your favorite bookseller directly since there are a ton on AIR coming out as well!

Learn more about BlazeDS on Thursday

Edited on 2/28 because I was already thinking about the ship party and got my days screwed up

Tom Jordahl, an engineer on the BlazeDS/LiveCycle DS team is giving a talk on BlazeDS that will be available over Acrobat Connect. Definitely worth checking out! More info on Tom’s blog.

InsideRIA now live

Looks like the world already knows but a great new site, InsideRIA is now up and running. Owned by O’Reilly, sponsored by Adobe, two great companies build one awesome site. You’ll find all sorts of information there about building RIAs: from the tools and technologies, to best practices and standards, to discussions on design. Just looking at the initial line up of contributors makes it pretty clear you’re going to be getting first-class information.

Congratulations to all the folks making this possible, especially Rich and Andre.