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Get yourself published in the Flex Cookbook

More info on the Flex team blog.

Check out our new Adobe Developer Connection

I’m very excited that our new Adobe Developer Connection has launched, a complete revamp of the Adobe Developer Center. A great new UI and some good content as well, including our new Flex Interface Guide. A lot of great new content right as we head into MAX!

30 Days of Free Flex Training

Have you wanted to take advantage of some of the comprehensive training that has been designed by Adobe and given by some fantastic presenters? Now you can experience 30 days of training for free, offered by our friends at Total Training. Learn more about the offer here!

New Flex Cookbook Eclipse Plugin

Want an easy way to check the cookbook? Use the new Flex Cookbook RSS Plugin for Eclipse! An easy way to see what’s going on in the world of the cookbook.

Info on Flex/.NET interoperability

Mark Piller has written an article explaining how Flex and .NET classes map to each other. Good info to know if you develop for both!

Cookbook Questions in Need of Answers

The Flex Cookbook is a great resource but there are plenty of questions looking for answers. If you’d be interested in writing up an entry but were looking for topics, check out the open questions cookbook entry, pick a topic, and write away!

Flex course you should check out: Programming the Visual Experience

I’ve seen people asking for learning materials to make a Flex app not look like a Flex app. I think if you look at some of the apps that are coming out like Picnik and Flip’s Flipbooks you can see some pretty neat design elements going in, not the standard Flex skins. If you want to learn more about how to create these kinds of apps, check out the Adobe Training course: Programming the Visual Experience. Total Training has released a DVD version of this course as well.

I think people have generally been very happy with these courses, so if you’ve got the interest I’d highly recommend them.

Flex Cookbook Beta now Live!

I’m very excited that the Flex Cookbook is now live in beta form. A common request that I see is the need for more samples. The cookbook provides a great mechanism, a simple Problem/Solution/Explanation format that gets you code and answers in a taggable and searchable format.

Flexcoders has so much traffic these days and many questions are ones we’ve seen before. The Flex cookbook is going to help us out by providing a central repository for commonly needed code and solutions.

So start posting your own tips and make sure to add the cookbook as a valuable resource for your Flex coding needs!

Please take the Flex Learning Resources survey!

We’re always looking to improve our documentation and samples, etc. Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey and give us your feedback!

Quickstarts Complete!

The last 3 quickstarts have been posted on the Developer Center:

Working with Tree controls

Accessing XML data

Loading external data with HTTPService

Thanks especially to Aral for helping us out with these!