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Have you registered for MAX yet?

MAX 2009 is only about 10 weeks away. We’re of course gearing up for it on the Flex team, planning sessions, reviewing the ones done by our kick-ass external speakers, and making sure we can be there and talk to whomever wants to talk to us. I’m expecting it to be a pretty great conference. If you haven’t registered yet, we’ve posted some good ideas on how you can get to MAX on a budget; making sure that you save as much money as possible in your registration, airfare, and hotel. So go ahead and register and we’ll be excited to see you there!

MAX registration now open

So I go away for my sabbatical and when I come back, look at all the things that have happened with MAX! We announced, we opened up registration, and we’ve even already put up the scheduler for you to check out the sessions and get yourself signed up for them.

There’s an early bird special going on now, so make sure to sign up and join us in LA for what is sure to be a fantastic conference!

Call for MAX 2009 Sessions

Got an idea for a Lab or a Session? Make sure it gets recorded here!

Recorded MAX sessions available

I didn’t realize that all of the MAX talks had finally gone live on Adobe TV. There are a ton of good talks from members of the Flex team as well as folks in the community. Even my talk with Dave McAllister on Mixing Open Source and Commercial Software is available. A ton of good info, so make sure to check them out!

Slides from MAX 2008

Here are the slides from my two talks in Milan. They are essentially the same as what was presented in San Francisco so if you’re bummed that Ely and Deepa are slacking you can grab them from here too 🙂

Just spoke at Flex Camp, now ready for MAX Milan

I landed in Milan around 11am and immediately went to the Flex Camp that Giorgio is hosting and spoke about Gumbo. It was great because it gave me a chance to rehearse my talk for Wednesday. I’m in 3 sessions, Creating New Components in Flex 3 and Beyond, Mixing Open Source and Commercial Software, and Looking Ahead to the Next Version of Flex. All should be great, if you’re in Milan make sure you find me and say hi!

Vote for the MAX People’s Choice Award

Lots of great apps were submitted for MAX Awards this year. We’ve put together the finalists and now we invite you to vote for what you think the best apps are. Check everything out here.

Talk about open source and Flex with me at MAX

I’m pretty excited for all we’ve got going on at MAX this year. Lots of sessions on Flex, Flex Builder, and Thermo. The session I’m giving is called “Mixing Open Source and Commercial Software” and is being given by Dave McAllister and myself. If you want to discuss the nature of taking a big project like Flex open source, I think you’ll find this talk pretty interesting. It’s Tuesday at 9am in North America. Remember, customer appreciation is on Tuesday night, so you should be able to make my talk no problem!

I will also be giving this talk in Europe, as well as covering some of the other Flex talks there.

If you haven’t registered already, you really should!

Register for MAX North America
Register for MAX Europe

Early Bird Registration for MAX Europe Almost Done

Make sure to register! I’ll be there and am very much looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Get yourself in the MAX Keynote!

You all probably saw our very successful video collection,, right? Well we’re asking for a new set of videos, 30 seconds on Why Adobe MAX. See the details over on Ted’s blog. Top videos are going to make it into the MAX keynote.

Flex team may have to think of some as well 🙂