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Another opportunity for a free MAX pass

In addition the MAX passes my team has available as part of our incentive program for Flex 3 contributions; we’ve introduced the Adobe AIR Cookbook Cook-off. Open to US residents only (sorry, for international contribute to Flex!), this is an opportunity to provide some top-notch knowledge to the rest of the community and get rewarded if your entry is considered great. So go ahead and contribute to the AIR Cookbook and win some of our fabulous prizes!

Learn about the future of Flex at MAX 2008

We are slowly getting more information for the next versions of Flex out on the Open Source Flex site, but sometimes it’s better to get a ton of info in person. A few sessions that might be appealing for those looking ahead:

* Looking Ahead to the Next Version of Flex: Ely Greenfield
* Looking Ahead to the Next Version of Flex (Builder): Tim Buntel
* Creating New Components in Flex 3 and Beyond

Learn more about MAX and register here.

MAX North America Experience Now Live!

Our MAX site is the coolest I’ve seen yet! You can start learning about the sessions as well as go through a crazy experience here.

Call for sessions for MAX 2008

Can you believe it? Here we go, MAX 2008 is only 8 months away 🙂 Let’s get a good jump on things and have you suggest sessions and speakers that you would like to see this year in any of our 3 locations (North America, Europe, Japan).

I’m hoping my role will be a little scaled down this year, but I already know that we’re planning some structure changes that I think will help the conference be even better than last year, and last year was great!

MAX Open Source Presentation

Here are the slides from my MAX talk on taking Flex open source. Feel free to post any questions, though I’m out of town the next week and may be slow to respond.

Say Hello in Barcelona

I’ll be at MAX in Barcelona next week, if you’ll be there please make sure to find me and say hello. We’d also be interested in meeting with folks who want to share thoughts on what they’d like to see in future versions of Flex. Please contact me and we can try to set up a time.

Feedback wanted for the Flex Boot Camp

I would love to get some feedback from those of you who attended the Flex Boot Camp. We’re going to be holding it again in Barcelona and I’d like to make sure that we address some of the issues we found. Things that I know could use improvement:

– We need to have Internet access working and power for everyone
– We should make sure that a Macbook will be able to present just as well as a Windows laptop
– The name boot camp is misleading for what we had intended. I admit that my expectation was that anyone attending would have at least a few Flex sessions under their belt, and that therefore we did not need to spend time on beginner topics. However half the audience was total beginners and therefore we should have had more prepared.
– We also ended up having more presentations and no code-along sessions. Would people have liked to code along? I think each session would need to be longer and we’d need to cover less.
– Should we even allow this to be ad hoc or should we have everything planned out beforehand?

Please send comments ASAP 🙂

Thanks! And thanks for making this MAX so great!

Reminder: Flex Boot Camp at MAX

Just a reminder that we’re going to have a Flex Boot Camp at MAX, and it looks like a huge number of attendees are going to be there. I’ve received some great topics from folks but I’m definitely looking for more. If you’ll be attending MAX and have something that you’d like to share (or know of something that you’d like others to talk about) please mail me and let me know (mchotin AT adobe DOT com).

Learn the joys of LCDS at MAX

We’ve got a few sessions at MAX that really can help you learn about integrating your Flex app with Java via LCDS. I’d highly recommend the pre-conference course on Sunday as you’ll really get some hands-on experience and have a chance to work with some of the engineers from the team.

More info here. Make sure to sign up soon!

Where to see Matt in October

October 1-3: MAX in Chicago (come to the late-night parties in the suites!)
October 10: Flex Camp Bucharest
October 11: J-Fall 2007 in Amsterdam
October 15-17: MAX in Barcelona
October 19: Flex Camp Milan

If you’re at these events please make sure to say hello!