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A big update to Flexmojos, Maven support for Flex

Velo announced on Flexcoders today that a major update to the Flexmojos project is now available over at Sonatype (the folks who support Maven). There’s also a tease in his announcement that the m2eclipse project when it hits version 0.9.8 will have improved support for Flex Builder. A good day for Maven users!

More Flex Specs: Effects and Animation

Two new specs available for your perusal:
Arbitrary Type Interpolation and
New Effects for Components and Graphics

Latest Flex Spec: CSS Selectors

One of our highest-voted features had to do with expanding how much CSS is supported in Flex. Check out the latest spec and you can even download a recent nightly build and see it in action!

Feedback appreciated in the spec comments.

Open Source Contributions and MAX

I’m late in posting this, but congratulations are in order for Josh Buhler and Brian Telintelo for having 10 patches accepted. In return I’ve bought them each 3 Adobe-related books and we’ve paid for their MAX ticket in San Francisco. I’ve also bought books for a few other folks as well. Everyone benefits though, more bugs are fixed than if we didn’t have the community contributing. I’m not buying more MAX tickets, but we’ll keep buying books, so if you have bugs you think ought to be fixed feel free to contribute away!

Cairngorm now on

I’m very pleased to see the open source infrastructure that we’ve set up at Adobe expanding further with our move of Cairngorm onto that domain. It takes a lot of work to create all of the content and infrastructure around a larger open source project, so congrats to the Adobe Consulting team for taking this step. Take a moment to check out the site and also check Steven’s blog post for the Adobe Consulting take on where things may go.

Cairngorm site
Steven’s post

My talk at 360Flex San Jose

So 360Flex San Jose is coming up and I will be speaking about the Open Source Flex SDK Project. My plan is to quickly show the resources that are available such as the wiki, bugbase, and source control, and then go through some of the SDK itself and talk about its underlying architecture. This is going to be useful if you’d like to get in there and make edits to the SDK itself, but may also be useful as a Flex end-user.

If you have specifc things that you’d like to see covered, please let me know!

Suggested Projects related to Flex

In my role as a PM I see lots of feature requests and suggestions that we should do “X” as part of Flex. Unfortunately we can’t do everything, and in fact don’t necessarily have the expertise in-house to do many of these features. But we do have a great community of passionate folks who sometimes do know about related technologies and are interested in making a difference. Projects like Cairngorm, PureMVC, Mate, FlexLib, FlexUnit, and more recently FlexCover etc were not started by the Flex team, or even Adobe (Cairngorm was done by iteration::two before we bought them).

I’ve gone ahead and created a page on our open source site with some suggested projects that I’d love the community to work on. Things that we’d probably do if we had all the time in the world and infinite resources, but that we probably won’t get to in the Flex 4 time frame. Many of these are based on conversations I’ve had with folks, where they’d even be willing to participate. So if you see a project you’d be willing to lead, please please please speak up!

Suggested projects page

You can also of course suggest more projects and I can add them to the page. If you know of a project that we should be promoting because it addresses some of these already (or it should just be promoted in general) we can put it on the related projects page.

Flex Compiler Design Document Now Available

A few months ago Paul Reilly, one of the engineers on the Flex team undertook the overwhelming task of going through the MXML compiler in detail to document its design for others who might end up working on it. I’ve now posted that document to the open source site, you can view it here.

So now you have a starting point for all the cool compiler extensions you might want to contribute!

Our first Flex patch!

Congrats to Tom Chiverton who submitted our first patch which we have now checked in! A sign of things to come!