MAX registration now open

So I go away for my sabbatical and when I come back, look at all the things that have happened with MAX! We announced, we opened up registration, and we’ve even already put up the scheduler for you to check out the sessions and get yourself signed up for them.

There’s an early bird special going on now, so make sure to sign up and join us in LA for what is sure to be a fantastic conference!

FlashCamp San Francisco, May 29, 2009

Want to learn more about the next generation of Flex, including the updated framework, tools, and new tool Flash Catalyst? Register for the free FlashCamp held at Adobe’s San Francisco office on May 29. Lots of engineers, lots of beer, and lots of information!

Join us!

More info on Mike Chambers’s blog and on the registration site.

A big update to Flexmojos, Maven support for Flex

Velo announced on Flexcoders today that a major update to the Flexmojos project is now available over at Sonatype (the folks who support Maven). There’s also a tease in his announcement that the m2eclipse project when it hits version 0.9.8 will have improved support for Flex Builder. A good day for Maven users!

Ribbit Killer App Winners Announced

I participated in the judging of the entries for the Ribbit Killer App Challenge over the last few months, and it was really great to see so many folks building cool applications. I think the contest also brought a number of people to Flex for the first time, which of course was especially gratifying 🙂

The winners have now been announced! Congrats to everyone!

Coding for Nabaztag?

Our QA manager recently added a Nabaztag to her cube at work, which means all of us are sending it nasty sound files and messages to keep us entertained. We know that there are ActionScript APIs already available for the Nabaztag API and even some apps already built. But if someone were to build a super-cool Flex example that leveraged the Nabaztag (that we can then use in-house), I’m sure we could come up with some worthy gift for you 🙂

To help out, we asked the guys at Violet to add a crossdomain.xml file to the api domain, and last night they did. So no more proxies needed!

Have fun!

Devoxx Talk now available on Parleys

Back in December Chet Haase, James Ward and I spoke at Devoxx, a Java community conference (one of the biggest worldwide) in Antwerp, Belgium. We gave a number of sessions, but one was the Future of RIAs, according to Adobe :-). It’s available via Parleys, one of the coolest Flex (and AIR if you want it) apps available today. And I’ve embedded it below for your convenience.

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Call for MAX 2009 Sessions

Got an idea for a Lab or a Session? Make sure it gets recorded here!

ILOG Elixir V2 Now Available

The great visualization components from ILOG have gotten an update and are now available. Check out the great demos over on the ILOG site and if you’re as blown away as I am make sure to get all the details on how to purchase.

Recorded MAX sessions available

I didn’t realize that all of the MAX talks had finally gone live on Adobe TV. There are a ton of good talks from members of the Flex team as well as folks in the community. Even my talk with Dave McAllister on Mixing Open Source and Commercial Software is available. A ton of good info, so make sure to check them out!

Using markup to style ILOG charts

The ILOG Elixir data display component library offers some great stuff for viewing your data. And the ILOG team have posted two interesting articles on how you can style those charts using Degrafa or even FXG and MXML graphics from Gumbo. We really hope that this skinning will allow you to make your data visualization applications shine!