Early Bird Registration for MAX Europe Almost Done

Make sure to register! I’ll be there and am very much looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Open Source Contributions and MAX

I’m late in posting this, but congratulations are in order for Josh Buhler and Brian Telintelo for having 10 patches accepted. In return I’ve bought them each 3 Adobe-related books and we’ve paid for their MAX ticket in San Francisco. I’ve also bought books for a few other folks as well. Everyone benefits though, more bugs are fixed than if we didn’t have the community contributing. I’m not buying more MAX tickets, but we’ll keep buying books, so if you have bugs you think ought to be fixed feel free to contribute away!

I was interviewed by Ryan F****** Stewart!

See what I had to say about Flex 4, open source, etc. Then Ryan gives some demos of incorporating the Gumbo SDK into Flex builder, and shows some of the new cool graphics primitives!

Flash Player 10 Camp, Register Now!

Learn about new Flash Player features!
Create Flash Player 10 content and applications!
Test and optimize content and applications for Flash Player 10!

Come to the SF office and hang out with the Player team. Full unconference style.

Learn more and register now!

Help the Flex team create great learning content

We know you have opinions on the documentation that comes with (or you think should come with) Flex. We know you have opinions on the samples or lack thereof. We know you have opinions on articles we should be posting, contests we should be sponsoring, sites we should be hosting, all to help people (including yourself) learn Flex.

We have a group called the Flex Learning Advisors and if this sort of thing is a passion of yours, we’d really like you to join it.

See the 360Flex San Jose Video

For those not watching the sessions via AMP (and you really should), here’s the video we created for the latest conference. Enjoy!

NFL Sunday Night Football Available via Flash

Today we announced that NBC’s Sunday Night Football is going to be simulcast live via streaming Flash Video. This is pretty cool stuff. If I hadn’t been broadcasting my desktop in meetings today I would have watched my Redskins get their butts handed to them while at work (damn west coast time difference). So I haven’t been able to watch the experience because they only do it when the game is live, but based on what I’ve read from the announcement and the website, seems like you’re going to have a whole new way of experiencing the game!

Want to be an Adobe Student Representative?

We’re looking for folks who can help lead the way of RIAs using Adobe technology in their schools. We can help get you speaking opportunities, software, community recognition, etc. More info and a registration form on flex.org. If you’re a full-time college student this might be a great opportunity!

Get yourself in the MAX Keynote!

You all probably saw our very successful video collection, 30onair.com, right? Well we’re asking for a new set of videos, 30 seconds on Why Adobe MAX. See the details over on Ted’s blog. Top videos are going to make it into the MAX keynote.

Flex team may have to think of some as well 🙂

Another opportunity for a free MAX pass

In addition the MAX passes my team has available as part of our incentive program for Flex 3 contributions; we’ve introduced the Adobe AIR Cookbook Cook-off. Open to US residents only (sorry, for international contribute to Flex!), this is an opportunity to provide some top-notch knowledge to the rest of the community and get rewarded if your entry is considered great. So go ahead and contribute to the AIR Cookbook and win some of our fabulous prizes!