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Have you registered for MAX yet?

MAX 2009 is only about 10 weeks away. We’re of course gearing up for it on the Flex team, planning sessions, reviewing the ones done by our kick-ass external speakers, and making sure we can be there and talk to whomever wants to talk to us. I’m expecting it to be a pretty great conference. If you haven’t registered yet, we’ve posted some good ideas on how you can get to MAX on a budget; making sure that you save as much money as possible in your registration, airfare, and hotel. So go ahead and register and we’ll be excited to see you there!

MAX registration now open

So I go away for my sabbatical and when I come back, look at all the things that have happened with MAX! We announced, we opened up registration, and we’ve even already put up the scheduler for you to check out the sessions and get yourself signed up for them.

There’s an early bird special going on now, so make sure to sign up and join us in LA for what is sure to be a fantastic conference!