Adobe Media Encoder CS4 documentation

Adobe® Media Encoder CS4 is a video and audio encoding application that lets you encode audio and video files into a variety of distribution formats for different applications and audiences. These video and audio formats are more-compressed formats such as:

  • Adobe® FLV | F4V for use with Adobe Flash Player
  • H.264 used for Apple® iPod®, 3GPP mobile phones, and Sony® PSP®
  • MPEG-1 used in CD-ROM authoring (Windows only)
  • MPEG-2 used in DVD authoring (Windows only)
  • Apple® QuickTime®
  • Windows Media (Windows only)

Adobe Media Encoder accommodates the numerous settings these formats offer, and also includes preset settings designed to export files compatible with particular delivery media. Using Adobe Media Encoder, you can export video in formats suitable for devices ranging from DVD players to websites to mobile phones to portable media players and standard- and high-definition TV sets.

The Adobe Media Encoder CS4 documentation is available on the Adobe web site. You can access the documentation at the below link:

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