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That’s a lot of Flash Blogs!

I have updated the links on the right to list all of the flashblogs that i know of and use. If I left one out, let me know in the comments.

Advanced Flash RSS Viewer

The Flash community has been getting pretty excited about Flash and RSS lately. The latest (and greatest?) is Phil Chung’s RSS Flash News feed viewer. Wow, this is really nice, and makes it simple to scan a lot of information.
Here are my feature requests:

  • Once the XML is loaded, cache the data so if I click to another feed and come back it doesn’t have to reload.

  • When viewing one feed, load in the others and cache them.

  • Have it check for new feeds every 15 minutes.

  • Have a section that will show the top two items from every feed.

  • Add mesh on mx (rss)!

Again, this is very nice, and is something that I could see myself using to keep up with all of the Flash weblogs.
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Tips from Flash Coders

Lots of good tips on the Flash Coders mailing list today:

  • Dave Yang shows how to define code hinting using the comments syntax.
  • Robbert Penner points out how to extract graphics from SWFs by printing them to the file system.
  • Sam Wan posts style settings to make Flash windowing components look like Windows.

XML Contest Feed : Update

Just a quick note on the Macromedia XML Resource Feed contest. The contest is over, and we received some really cool entries. We will be posting the winners on the site early next week.
Watch the contest page for the results.

Component Op-Eds

Couple of articles on components today:
Branden Hall rants (his words not mine) about the lack of understanding of the functionality and complexity of components.
David Doull discusses components and the advantages they offer to Flash developers
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Flash Enabled : Phone Dialer App source

Flash Enabled has released an app and its source FLA from the Flash Enabled : Flash Design and Development book. This one is a phone dialer app created by Christian Cantrell, that shows how to persist data in Flash on the Pocket PC using JSript.

New Flash MX Resources at

Lot’s of new Flash resources at This releases theme is usability.

Make sure to check out the logged in column, written by Craig Goodman. It has a list of the most popular content on the Designer and Developer center.

MX Studio Available / New Resources at

Lots of news and new resources today at, the Designer and Developer Center and the Flash Application Developer Center.
I have to run and catch a train, but I will post more detailed information this afternoon. Check out some of the Flash weblogs for more up to date information.

Flash ActionScript RSS Parser

Sam Wan has created an ActionScript class that parses RSS XML feeds and makes them available as an ActionScript data object. This is one of the first steps for the Flash interface to Moveable type that he is putting together (of course, since it is RSS based, it should also work with Radio).
This is similar to the FResourceFeed Class that I created to parse the Macromedia XML Resource feed, except that Sam’s will work with a LOT more data feeds.
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Flash at the Pocket PC Summit

I will be speaking at the Pocket PC Summit on Wednesday about the Macromedia Flash Player for the Pocket PC.
I will probably show a lot of content and applications, as well as dive into Flash to show how simple it can be to use.
Lots of Flash at the conference, as Phillip Torrone is also giving a keynote.
If you are attending, and want to see anything specific, post it in the comments.