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I work for Macromedia

In case the statement at the top of the site that states that i am the Macromedia Flash Community Manager is not clear.
I am an employee of Macromedia.

Flash Enabled GPS Walking Stick

Just the other day i was thinking how useful it would be to have a GPS enabled walking stick with a video screen that could play Flash. Then I could go hiking, do my work, and not worry about getting lost.
Well, lo and behold, Phillip Torrone comes to the rescue with a GPS Enabled Walking Stick that uses Macromedia Flash and Windows Media.

Memorial Day Weekend Holiday

Just a quick note, it is Memorial day weekend in the US, so posts may be few and far between.

Text -> Speech -> Flash

Robert Hall highlights some of the cool text -> speech -> Flash stuff that he has worked on. Check out the speech -> Flash stuff that he has worked on. Check out the forums, where you can have messages read back to you.”>forums, where you can have messages read back to you through Flash.

Flash and Interactive TV (ITV)

Interested in developing Flash content for Interactive TV? If so, check out the Interactive Television Resource Center at
There is also a very useful Flash Content Deployment Kit for ITV avaliable here.

Hacking a Grid View List Component

I was just nosing around on ultrashock’s Flash MX tutorial section, and noticed that Branden Hall has a tutorial on creating a simple Grid View component by hacking the list component.
Waldo Smeets is also working on a more full featured data grid component, although I couldn’t find a link to it on his site.

ANT Integrates Macromedia Flash Player with ANT Fresco Browser to Enable a New Generation of Interactive DTV and Consumer Electronics Appliances.

More Flash on devices. Read all about it here.
[via JD on MX]

Do you blog?

I am trying to put together a comprehensive list of all of the Flash related weblog / news sites so I can link to them from here. If you have a Flash related weblog, list it in the comments, and I will update my site with the links.

New Flash Weblog :: Robert Hall

I was looking through my referrer logs and notice that Robert Hall has started a Flash weblog. Robert has done some really cool stuff with Flash on devices (Flash bank on Pocket PC, Flash on ATMs), and some text -> speech -> Flash, so it should be interesting to see what he puts up there.
Robert also wrote a chapter about Flash on standalone kiosks and ATMs in Flash Enabled.

Optimizing CD authoring for Flash playback

There is a useful thread on the FlashCoders mailing list on how to optimized CDs for Flash (or any multimedia) playback.