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Clarification : Flash 5 Player for Pocket PC

I wanted to clarify some information on the Flash 5 Player for Pocket PC. The player should work with any StrongArm based Pocket PC, such as the Compaq Ipaq, regardless if it is running Pocket PC or Pocket PC 2002.

SWF is not Flash

Interesting article on the O’Reilly Devcenter discussing Flash and SVG. The author is trying to overcome some of the misperceptions of Flash in the development world.
If you read through some of the comments, you will see some of these misperceptions come up, especially the “Flash is just an animation tool and can’t be used for applications” argument. This may have been true with Flash 3, and maybe Flash 4, but with Flash MX I can create a very complex, functional UI in about 5 minutes, and focus my development efforts on making my application work.
Finally, while SVG mobile may hold great promise for the future, the Flash player is in the mobile space today with players for numerous mobile devices, including Pocket PCs and Nokia Communicators.
[via swfnews]

Macromedia Flash 5 Player for Pocket PC 2002

The Flash 5 Player for Pocket PC has been release. You can download it here.
The player supports all Pocket PC 2002 devices. You can find more information at the Macromedia Flash Player 5 for Pocket PC site, although it hasn’t been updated yet with the new player information.
Update, click here for some updated infomation on this item.
On a related note, Flash Enabled : Device Design and Development is available now at Amazon, and the official website has gone live.

Learning Object Oriented Programming in Flash

If you are interested in learning just about everything there is to know about how Object Oriented programming works in Flash MX, check out the first couple of chapter’s of Robin Debreuil’s online book “Building Object-Oriented Applications in Flash 5“.
I think that this is one of the best resources for object oriented programing in Flash MX, along with Dave Yang’s site.

Neues Flash Website auf Deutsch

Es gibt ein Neues Flash Website auf Deutsch, mit viele resourcieren, nachrichten, und FLAs. Sehr nett.
Mann kann das website,, here sehen.
Wir haben auch eine deutsche Version des Macromedia Designer and Developer center. Mann kann es hier sehen.

Happy Birthday to Flazoom

Happy (belated) Birthday to Flazoom. One of the first Flash oriented weblogs, and one of the best sites for information on Flash usability.

Server Side Proxies for Macromedia XML Resource Feed

Jarle, from jdb cyberspace, has put up some examples showing how to create simple server side proxies in order to allow you to load the Macromedia XML Resource feed directly into Flash. He has examples in PHP, ASP, JSP, Python and Perl.
You can view the examples here.

Macromedia Flash Remoting Support Center

The Macromedia Flash Remoting Support center has gone live. Lots of information on using Flash Remoting including some new content such as:

Keep an eye on it as we will be adding more info over the coming weeks.

Unicode and Video resources at Flash Support Center

We have put up some new documents at the Macromedia Flash Support center.

I know there has been a lot of confusion about Flash MX’s support of unicode. Hopefully this document will help clear things up.
btw, I shouldn’t be travelling any this week, so i should have more frequent updates to the site.


A new Flash news site / weblog launched this week. uses the slashdot code to provide the latest news and information on Macromedia Flash MX.
Good stuff, check it out.