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Want to work for Macromedia?

I just noticed that we posted two new Flash related job positions:
User Experience Engineer: Macromedia MX Specialist
Web Developer, Macromedia MX Specialist
Check them out if you might be interested.

Video Resources at

Today is kind of slow, so i thought i would highlight a couple of Flash MX video resources at
Using Embedded Video in Flash MX : Robert Rheinhardt
Using Video in Macromedia Flash MX
If you know of any other good video tutorials / resources, post them in the comments.

Function.apply and __resolve example

Greg Burch has posted an example demonstrating Function.appy, and the undocumented __resolve.
You can view it here.

Macromedia DevCon 2002 Sessions Announced

I just noticed that the sessions for the 2002 Macromedia Developers Conference have been posted.
You can view the sessions here.
Some interesting topics / tracks. I will be doing two sessions, one on Flash and Security, and one on Flash Remoting.

New Tutorial : Creating a Slideshow

We have posted a new Flash MX tutorial on out website:
Creating a JPEG slide show with XML
It shows how use XML and loadmovie to dynamically load JPGs. Check it out.

Sorenson Squeeze lowered to $119

Scott Manning has published an interview with one of the product directors for Sorenson Squeeze. Among other things, Sorenson announced that is has lowered the price of Sorenson Squeeze to only $119.
You can read the entire interview here.
You can find out more information about Sorenson Squeeze here.

Flash Remoting for .NET

The Flash Remoting page for .NET is up. Not much info there right now, but it does have a link to join the beta.
You can view the page here.

New Flash Remoting Tutorials

I just noticed that there are some new Flash Remoting tutorials on the ColdFusion Product page site.

  • Building a Database Query Application with Server-Side ActionScript

  • Building a News Application with ColdFusion Components and XML

  • Building a Mail-Enabled Macromedia Flash Application with CFML

You can view these tutorials here.
These were all written by Christian Cantrell who will be talking about Flash Remoting at Flash Forward NYC next month.

ColdFusion MX on OS X

The Oreilly Network has posted the first of 3 articles discussing ColdFusion MX and how to get it to run on Mac OS X. You can read the article here:
ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 1
[via JD]

Extending Components in Flash MX

Greg Burch has written a pretty comprehensive tutorial on extending the build in Flash MX components.
You can read the article here. You can find a pretty comprehensive list of component resources here.
I posted this on Wednesday, but it got lost in the avalanche of articles and resources published by Macromedia on the same day.