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Another Macromedia Weblog

Sean Corfield, the Director of Architecture at Macromedia, has set up a weblog named An Architect’s View. Lots of very good information on ColdFusion MX, as well as Rich Applications.
Check out this post with some info on CFMX on OSX.

News Item Round-up

I have posted a ton of info this morning, and some of it has already been pushed off the screen. So, to make sure that you don’t miss anything, here are the items that have been posted today.

Make sure to check them out.

Oreilly Network : Colin Moock on Flash MX has published an article by Colin Moock discussing the Macromedia MX platform. Some interesting comments near the end about Flash and standards.

New Flash MX Resources at

In addition to the all of of content related to the Pet Market Blueprint application, we have also released a ton of additional Flash MX content and resources at the Macromedia Flash MX Application Development Center. I have included the Flash specific articles from the Pet Market Blueprint application center.

Macromedia Blueprint Application Center : Pet Market

Macromedia has released the Macromedia MX Pet Market Blueprint Application and Center. The Pet Market Blueprint application is an online store for a fictional pet retailer similar to the Java™ Pet Store released by Sun and the Microsoft .NET Pet Shop.


Development Process

Check out the application and let us know you comments, questions and suggestions by posting them in the forum, or through the feedback form.

ActionScript Obfuscator Beta

Robin Debreuil has announced a beta of Viewer Screwer, an ActionScript obfuscator .
Viewer Screwer is an Actionscript Obfuscator – a program that takes your actionscript and scrambles it into something that can only be understood by a computer, not a person. You can scramble individual files, or multiple files that must work together.
You can view the announcement here, and post questions to the forum here.
This could turn out to be very useful for Flash developers who want to protect their SWF code from prying eyes and hacking.

Developer Centers at

Hopefully by now, most Flash developers are familiar with the Macromedia Flash Application Development Center at However, we have a number of other developer centers that contain a lot of Flash related information. Here is a list of all of the current centers:

Keep your eyes on the Designer and Developer Center for new Application Development centers in the coming weeks and months.

Macromedia Blogs and the Death of the ‘Official Story’

Another interesting read on the Macromedia weblogs, and corporate blogging in general. This one focuses on the importance of trustworthiness in marketing on the Internet.
One quick correction to the article, the weblogs were an initiative of the community managers (mostly JD’s idea); we were not asked by Macromedia to create them. Although that may seem like a subtle correction, I wanted to make it clear that we were / are not required to maintain the weblogs. However, at least in the case of this weblog, I enjoy it, and it makes my job much, much easier.

New Version of Flash Forward Event Guide

Eric Dolecki has released an updated version of his super sweet FlashForward 2002 event guide.
There are a ton of features in this including all of the conference info, local maps and information, and the ability to rate sessions.
Eric also gives thanks to a lot of Flash developers who helped him out. Another great example of the Flash community putting their heads together and creating some kick ass applications.

Macromedia Flash Player for Embedded Opera

Read about it here.