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Updated Flash RSS Viewer

Phil Chung has updated his Flash RSS viewer. Among other features, you can now save and filter your favorite feeds, as well as add any .91 or .92 RSS feed .
Phil also mentions a lot of people that he got help from. A great example of the Flash Community working together to do some really cool stuff.
[via jdb]

New Security Bulletin : Macromedia Flash Player Cross Server Scripting Security Issue

We have a new security bulletin up that covers the Flash / Javascript cross browser issue from last week.
Macromedia Flash Player Cross Server Scripting Security Issue
It took us a little longer than expected to get the document out; these issues can be pretty complex to document.

Using FlashVars to pass variables to a SWF

There is a new technote today that shows how to use the new FlashVars HTML tag / attribute to pass large amounts of data from HTML to the Flash Player.
You can view the technote here.

Integrating Flash and PHP

With all of the talk about Flash Remoting and ColdFusion MX lately, some people might be worried that we have forgotten about PHP. Well, we haven’t. Check out this article on the Macromedia Flash Application Developer Center written by Helen Triolo on Integrating Macromedia Flash MX with PHP.
If you want information on Flash Remoting and PHP, look here and here.

Creating PDF files from HTML Pages on OS X

I was putting together my speaker notes for my Flash Forward session on Flash Remoting, and I needed to distribute them in a format that would maintain the formatting and images. I normally would use Word or html to do this, but HTML requires multiple files and renders differently depending on the browser, and I don’t like to embed images within Word. I decided that PDF would be perfect for this, but I really had no experience with creating PDFs.
Luckily, I came across this post from whatdoiknow which describes how to have Mac OS X generate PDFs from web pages. All i had to do was open Dreamweaver MX, type in my speaker notes, open them in a browser on OS X and save as PDF.
Btw, this will work for any web page, and is a useful way to archive web documents that are useful. You can download the PDF version of the website here.
This isn’t directly related to Flash, but is so useful i thought that I would post it.

Discussion about Flash / JavaScript vulnerability

Branden Hall discusses a Flash / JavaScript vulnerability that Eye on Security reported yesterday.
We should have some additional information on this later today on the Macromedia Security Zone.

Complex SVG to Flash

Helen Triolo has written an article showing how to render complex (very complex) SVG drawings in the Flash Player using the ActionScript drawing API.
This is by far the most impressive SVG to Flash Player work I have seen to date, and as you would expect from Helen, it is all documented very well.

Macromedia Flash Search Engine SDK

We have released an SDK that allows search engines / developers to parse SWF files and extract text and links.
The Macromedia Flash Search Engine SDK provides a set of object and source code designed to convert a Flash file’s text and links into HTML for indexing. The SDK download contains a C++ application, documentation, and editable source code for system integration into your search engine.
You can find more information, and download the SDK here.

Flash and the World Cup

As David Burrows pointed out, it is a pretty slow day in the Flash world. Everyone is probably watching the world cup (or sleeping from staying up all night watching it).
In the spirit of Flash and the World Cup, I bring you today’s Macromedia Site of the Day, the 2002 FIFA World Cup Gametracker.

SHA1 Secure Hash for Flash MX

Branden Hall has put together an SHA1 hash library for ActionScript. This is similar to the MD5 encryption hash, but is generally considered more secure.
You can find more info here.
Btw, I had posted this on Friday, but radio seems to have deleted it.