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Help me test a Flash Communication Server App

I am going to be testing a simple Flash Communication Server app on Wednesday (July 24) at 1pm est, and need some (a lot) of people to join to see how it handles the bandwidth. The app basically allows me to broadcast to everyone who is connected.
First test has been done. You can read some info about it here.
In the meantime, I have put up a large version of my Flash Communication Server app. You can check it out here.


New “Airwolf” Technote

We have released a technote describing the changes in the latest Flash Player (6,0,40,0)(plugin, other).
You can read the technote here.

Sun, 21 Jul 2002 06:04:25 GMT

New Standalone, External and Debug Players

We have released new standalone, external and debug Flash players. This brings their versions up to 6,0,40,0 in line with the current Flash Player.
You can download the new players here (non-English versions are here).

Learning to build Applications with Flash MX

I got an email this morning from someone asking me the best way to learn how to build applications with Flash MX. I thought I would post the response here.
First I would recommend getting a copy of ActionScript The Definitive Guide, by Colin Moock (O’Reilly). You don’t have to read the entire thing (although it won’t hurt), but it is an invaluable resource. (Also keep an eye out for Branden Hall’s and Sam Wan’s book).
I would then check out the The Flash MX Application Developer Center. There are some great articles there, included one that goes through building an Address book application.
I would then spend a couple of days going over those resources, and trying to learn what is going on. If you are completely new to Flash (but not to programming), it will take you a day or two, but it shouldn’t be too big of a problem.
I would then start building some apps, really small at first, and then larger and more complex. If you have any questions, i recommend that you ask on the FlashCoders lmail ist.
If you have any other suggestions post them in the comments.

New Chat

Well, I got my mediatemple hosting account set up, and I have put up a simple chat app on the top of the page. It was built with Flash MX and uses the Flash Communication Server to handler all of the communications.
This is just an experiment right now. Post any suggestions, likes / dislikes in the comments.

Flash Communication Server Components Released

7 of the Flash Communication Server Components have been released. They are:

  • SimpleConnect
  • PeopleList
  • ConnectionLight
  • UserColor
  • Chat
  • SetBandwidth
  • AVPresence

You can find more info on each component, as well as download them here. You can find more information on the support page.

Macromedia Flash MX Answers Panel 2.2

The answers panel within Flash MX (and all other MX products with an answers panel) has been updated. It will automatically update within the next week, but if you want to force the update:

  1. Open the panel (Window > Answer Panel).

  2. Select “settings”.

  3. Press the “Update Now” button.

There is some new stuff in the panel including the latest resources from the Des / Dev center, as well as the current Macromedia Site of the Day.
You can find more info about the answers panel here.

ANN : New Flash Player Available : 6,0,40,0

There is a new Flash Player available. This is version 6,0,40,0 and includes a ton of bug fixes as well as some new features.
You can download the player here.
We will have the other players (standalone, debug, etc…) availiable shortly, as well as release notes for the new player.


ANN : Updated Flash MX Documentation

We have released updated documentation for Flash MX. You can find information about it and download the update here.
We also have some pages describing some of the updates:

Thanks to everyone in the community who provided feedback to us for the new documentation.