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Flash Player 6 for Linux Update : Looking for Beta testers

There have been a lot of questions lately, about the availability of the Flash Player 6 for Linux. Well, as we have stated before, we are currently working on it.
As we have been trying to do with all of our Flash Player releases, we are planning on having a public beta for the player. However before that, we will have a smaller, private beta. So, if you are interested in testing out the Flash Player 6 for Linux, send the following info:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Company
  • Any URL to content you are interested in testing
  • Version of Linux you are running.
  • Browser version you use.
  • CPU
  • RAM

to :
We really need people who are going to bang on the player, and find any issues that might exist.
I can’t give an ETA on the public beta, or final release, but I can say it is sooner rather than later.

OOO Today and Monday

FYI : I have today and Monday off, so there may not be many posts for a a couple of days (of course I am posting today, so who knows).
If you send me an email it might take me a little while to get back to you.

Coding for a Time-based Medium : Flash for Developers

DevX has a pretty good article up introducing Flash to traditional developers. It also has some useful strategies streamlining and easing development.

Definitely worth a read.

Flash Device Weblog news

Couple of items relating to weblogs about Flash on devices.

If you are looking for a book on Flash on devices, check out Flash Enabled : Flash Design and Development for Devices (i am a co-author), as well as the soon to be released Flash the Future.

Flash MX Developer Certification Update

This is just a quick update to the post i made last Tuesday on the Flash MX Certified Developer exam. We have updated the site with a chart showing the classes leading up to the exams. Of course, the classes are not required but they can give you an idea of the skill set needed for the exams.
So, this leads me to the question of the day (or week):
What do you think of the Macromedia Flash Certification Exams? Do you plan to take them? Why or why not?
My personal opinion is that they can be useful as they show that you have a certain base level of knowledge about Flash (which can help you stand out among other developers). Since there is no downside to having certification and potential big upside, they are a good thing to have. (of course, they are not a replacement for real world knowledge and skills).

Using Macromedia Flash MX as a multilingual authoring application

We have published a new tutorial about localizing Flash movies using Macromedia Flash MX. This tutorial covers the entire localization process using Macromedia Flash MX. Topics include Unicode support in the authoring tool and Macromedia Flash Player 6, strategies and recommended practices to prepare your files for localization and use with translation memory software, and analysis of a sample file that loads external XML files containing five different languages.
You can view the tutorial here.

Sorensen Squeeze Update 2.02

Sorenson has released a new version of Sorensen Squeeze for Flash MX . The new version fixes some problems and adds some new features including:

  • Stitching support for SWF file export.

  • Support for Microsoft AVI files.

The download is available here (registration required).
You can find more info on squeeze here.

What components do you want?

Well, last week was the “What do you want in the next version of Flash question“. Since things are still pretty quiet this week, here is a new question:
What new components would you like to see made available?
FYI : We will be making a DataGrid component available very soon, so you don’t have to list that.
Post your thoughts in the comments section.

Open letter to Illegal Software Distributors

This is an open letter to whoever keeps sending e-mail to advertising illegal cracked versions of our products (Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, etc…) for sale.

  1. Thank you, but we already have legal copies.

  2. If it is not too much trouble, please send your inquiries to, as that will save us some time forwarding your email (they will be very interested in your “business”).

Btw, if you are looking for a Flash MX Crack, or Dreamweaver MX Crack, then just send a request here.

Flog, weblog aggregator updated with Email support.

Flog, one of my favorite aggregators for Flash news feeds, has been updated. In addition to aggregating all of the XML news feeds from all of the Flash related weblogs, it will also list any Macromedia related new from Google.
However, the coolest feature, is that you can sign up and have the latest news emailed to you every morning. This is a very good way to make sure that you keep on top of what is going on the the Flash world.
You know, these weblogs might be around for a while…