Calendar Component Examples

Some developers are having problems understanding how the Calendar component works (thread), so i put together a couple of simple examples that show how to use the component.
The first example shows how to work with a single selected date, and the second shows how to work with multiple selected dates.
You can download the files here.
If you know of any other examples online, please post them in the comments.

3 Responses to Calendar Component Examples

  1. Owia says:

    How can multiple dates be selected without using the shift key. Any help would be appreciated.Thx.Owia

  2. Don says:

    AWESOME!!! I’ve been looking for a multiple select calendar for days…One problem though, if I select 3 dates, and then de-select the first one, the ‘First Date Selected’ goes blank, it doesn’t pick up the next selected date… Any ideas ?ThanksDon