DRK Example : DataGrid Component

I have put up a simple example of the datagrid component that shows some of the more advanced features.
You can view the example here.
The datagrid component is avaliable as part of the Developer Resource Kit.

6 Responses to DRK Example : DataGrid Component

  1. Martin says:

    Can you send me the source of this example. Cause i’m a new flash mx programmeur and i would like to use the datagrid in my application but i’ve some difficulty with it.Thanks.

  2. Cfao says:

    Could you send me the source code of the first example please?

  3. ralf says:

    hi i listened to you on flashforum 2004 in duesseldorf. Can you send me the source code of this example – i bought a flash mx 2004 version and the datagrid ui is included but no examples files. thank you.

  4. ferd says:

    do you have an example of setting a column’s visible = false?maybe …myDataGrid.getColumnAt(2).visible= false;that doesn’t seem to work, but… I seem to have trouble even gettingmyDataGrid.getColumnAt(2).width = 20;to work. the column still is 200 ! wide. argh.thank you!f

  5. r says:

    Hicould you tell whether there is any way to collapse/expand a set of columns on click of a column button.Need to implement this feature in one the project i am currently working.thank you

  6. Pete says:

    Hi – Just getting into flash – Excellent.Can you send me the source code for your datagid Demo 1 Please.Many Thanks