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ColdFusion MX Updater Release 1

Just a quick update for those of you using ColdFusion MX. We have released an update for ColdFusion MX.
You can download it, as well as view a list of changes here.

New Flash MX Content at

Yes, its time once again for new content at the Macromedia Designer and Developer Center. This week brings a lot of new Flash MX Content.

One thing to note, is that we have made the Flash Remoting Documentation available under our livedocs system, which is similar to the PHP documentation at

J2EE: Behind the Pet Market From Macromedia

Sun has put up an article on the Macromedia Pet Store Blue Print Application. Aimed at Java developers, it focuses on the advantages to using Macromedia Flash MX as the presentation layer for J2EE Java applications, and also has some discussion on the MVC architecture, as well as Flash Remoting.
You can read the article here.

DRK : New DataGrid Example : Editable Fields and StyleProperties

Fridays are usually slow, so i decided to put together another quick example of the datagrid component available on the Macromedia MX Developer Resource Kit.
You can view the new example here.
Among other features, the example shows off editable fields, and formatting via style properties.
You can see the original example here.
Update 9/14 : I have updated the example to include an index column, and to show how to add a custom sort function.

XML Resource Feeds :

I was just wandering through the forums at were-here, and came across this thread that lists a ton of publicly available XML based news / resource feeds.

Useful link to have handy.

DRK : DataGrid info updated

Just a quick FYI. We have updated the information on the DataGrid component on the Developer Resource Kit website. It now includes a listing of some of the features of the component.
You can view the description here.
You can see an example of the datagrid in action here.

Jeremy Allaire’s Weblog

Jeremy Allaire, Macromedia’s CTO, has started a weblog. Here is what Jeremy has to say about it:
While I’ll sometimes post Macromedia specific content here, the intention is really to explore the broad technologies, ideas and companies that are working on the converence of media, communications and applications.
You can read his weblog here.
[via quasimondo]

Calendar Component Examples

Some developers are having problems understanding how the Calendar component works (thread), so i put together a couple of simple examples that show how to use the component.
The first example shows how to work with a single selected date, and the second shows how to work with multiple selected dates.
You can download the files here.
If you know of any other examples online, please post them in the comments.

Hardware Accelerated SSL

Dave Watts posts some useful information on hardware accelerated SSL on the FlashCoders list.
You can see the post here.

DRK Example : DataGrid Component

I have put up a simple example of the datagrid component that shows some of the more advanced features.
You can view the example here.
The datagrid component is avaliable as part of the Developer Resource Kit.