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New Flash Blog : Peter Hall

Peter Hall of FlashCoders and Team Macromedia fame, has started a Flash weblog. It has only been up a couple of days and there are already some good posts.
You can check it out here.
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ANN : Macromedia MX Developer Resource Kit

On Friday, we announced a new product line, the Developer Resource Kit. It contains components, extensions, articles, samples applications and other resources (including a complete archive of the Designer and Developer Center).

Some of the new Flash MX content includes:

  • DataGrid component (including 46 pages of documentation, and 6 usage examples).
  • Flash UI Component Set 3 (includes : Loading Box, Prompt Box, Advanced Message Box, ToolTip and ToolTip Lite).
  • Media Player Components
  • 3 Sample Applications (that include resuable Flash / Flash Remoting APIs for sending an retrieving email as well as retrieving historical stock information).

There are also some more articles, as well as Dreamweaver MX and ColdFusion MX content.
I wrote a logged in article with some more information on the DRK, as well as some of our motivations for creating the kit. You can read it here.
You can also see some other coverage and comments on the DRK at:

Phillip Torrone has some interesting comments on selling components. Phillip has been pretty successful selling content for the Pocket PC, so it is worth a read.
Btw, we are working on getting a list of the component features as well as some datagrid examples online.
You can discuss the DRK in the DRK forum.
You can find more information on the DRK, as well as purchase it here.

JD is Back.

JD is back from vacation.

Flash MX and the Bigger Picture: Lightweight Internet Applications :

Oreilly has a very good article on some of the limitations of the web browser, and the advantages of using Flash for web based applications.
This is a really good read at its covers some of the ins and outs of using Flash for Rich Internet Applications.
You can read the article here.
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New Flash MX Content at

We have a lot of new content at the Macromedia Designer and Developer Center today.
This releases theme is security, and we are debuting the new:
Security Development Center
Here is the list of articles that should be of interest to Flash developers:

We also now have links to all of the Macromedia weblogs from the Desdev center (bottom left).
Finally, you can sign up for our free DesDev newsletter that is sent out whenever we have a new release, and lists all of the news resources on the site.

Flash Communication Server Article / Review has an interesting article about the Flash Communication Server. From the article:
Naturally, Macromedia is hyping FlashCom’s “possible uses,” but we’ll list a few here because they help explain what this server is about and highlight something important about this product — its potential fecundity for new and unusual combinations of services.
You can read the article here.

Flash MX Reference Panel in Dreamweaver

I think I have posted this before, but there have been some requests for it lately, so here it is again:
Waldo Smeets created a Dreamweaver MX panel that loads the Flash MX Reference panel into Dreamweaver. This is super useful if you are using Dreamweaver MX to edit external ActionScript files (which I have been doing more and more).
You can find more info and download it here.

New Finnish Flash Community Site

I just noticed a new Finnish Flash Community site:

To be honest, I can’t read most of the content on there, but there is a lot, and it appears to be updated often.
Btw, if you know of any other useful Flash Community sites not in English, then post them in comments section.
Btw2, we have a lot of localized content on the Designer and Developer Center. Just choose your languages at the top of the page, under the menu.

JAWS Screen Reader Adds Support for Flash Player 6 Content

PNut posted that JAWS 4.5, one of the most popular screen readers, has added support for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA), which in turn means it now has support for Flash Player 6 content.
Window-Eyes the other major Windows screen reader also has support for Flash Player 6 content.
You can find more information on Macromedia Flash MX and accessibility at the:

(btw, I still have the day off, but i wanted to sneak this post in).
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