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DevCon : Day 3 morning update

Day 3 at DevCon has begun, and it looks like i will finally be able to check out some sessions. Thus far though, I have had a blast just meeting with everyone and talking to them about what they are excited about. Two themes that I have picked up on:
People are really excited about the Flash Communication Server. That in itself is not surprising, but was has surprised me is the number of ColdFusion developers i have spoken with who are really excited about it. I think the ease of authoring using the components has really impressed developers, and made a light go off in their head where they realize that they could create these types of apps.
The second thing is how excited people are about Flash Remoting. Don’t get me wrong, I love Flash Remoting, and I am very excited about it. But I have had a ton of people tell me how much easier it has made things for them. I was speaking with a couple of ColdFusion developers this morning, and they said that if it wasn’t for Flash Remoting, they wouldn’t even bother with Flash.
So, whats on the agenda for today? I have a session in a little while on the Flash Player Security model, and then I will finally have some time to go to some sessions (I will be going to Sam Wan’s session on data visualization). Sometime today, I am going to strap my webcam to my shoulder and broadcast live from DevCon. Ill just walk around and talk to people. It will probably be around lunch, and I will post some info here when I start.
BTW, we have a section of the Designer and Developer Center devoted to daily DevCon coverage. You can view it here.
Finally, don’t forget to check out the DevCon section of my site. All of my DevCon posts go there (they don’t all make it to the main page).

DevCon : Sam Wan busts a move

DevCon : mesh meet george…

i enjoy soup

i enjoy soup
What is that all about? Info here.
I have 8 copies of the DRK ready for a new home.

DevCon : BroadCasting Live

FYI : I am going to be broadcasting live from DevCon for the next 15 minutes or so. I will actually walk around with my laptop so you can see some of the layout.
You can view the broadcast here.
Update : I am no longer broadcasting. I might schedule a time tomorrow to do it again.

DevCon : Day 2

Today is the second day of DevCon. I have two sessions today so i have been swamped getting ready and haven’t had a chance to post much. Here are some links to DevCon posts from today:

Btw, I still haven’t posted the secret code word that you can use to get a copy of the DRK. I will be posting that later today.

DevCon : Security and the Macromedia Flash Player

Here are some links from my session on the Flash Player and Security:

I’ll post some more info / updates after my session.

DevCon : Video Blog : Morning Update

Here are the example files from my presentation: | |
The rest are available on the DRK.

DevCon : more video blogs, and im tired

Well, I have been running around all day and haven’t had a chance to sit through any sessions. I have posted a couple of video weblogs.
You can view a list of video blogs here.
Waldo Smeets actually put together a Flash app that uses a web service (RSS feed, courtesy Tim Appnel) created by Jeremy Allaire to list all of the video blogs. You can view it here.
So whats up for tomorrow, DevCon Day 2? I will be doing two sessions, an advanced one of Flash Remoting, and an introduction to security in the Flash player. I also plan to finally check out some sessions.

DevCon : Day 1

DevCon got into full swing this morning. I will be blogging all of the sessions I attend, as well as doing some “Video Blogs”. Below is a list of entries from today:

I also noticed that a couple of sites are blogging the conference, including waxpraxis (Branden Hall) and FlashVoodoo.