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Flash Player 6 Beta : Linux, Mac and Windows

We have a new beta of the Flash Player 6 today, with versions available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
This is a very big release, with quite a few bug fixes, new features (wider WMODE support, custom request headers, etc…) and performance optimizations.
We are really trying to create as high a quality player as possible, and thus we need your helping in reporting any issues / problems that you run into (we are giving prizes away to the top bug submitters).
Here are the links:

Remember though, that this is a Beta and should not be used in product environments.
Post your favorite feature, bug fix in the comments. I will also be hanging around in the chat answering any questions that come up.

DevCon spaces, Going, Going…

Just a quick FYI, if you are considering attending DevCon in two weeks in Orlando, then you might want to make your reservations very soon. The conference has just about sold out (as of Monday, we only had about 100 spaces left).
You can find more info on this here.
I meant to post this the other day, but got caught up in the DesDev release (sorry for the delay).

New Flash Player Penetration Numbers

We have put up new Flash Player penetration stats on the website.
The main number? around 60% of users on the web can view Flash Player 6 content.
You can view all of the stats and information here.

New Flash MX Content at

Lots of new Flash MX content and resources today at the Macromedia Designer and Developers Center:

Make sure to check out the Advanced Drawing Methods article written by Ric Ewing. It has some really useful ActionScript libraries for using the drawing API.

Slashdot Book Review : Constructing Accessible Web Sites

Slashdot has just posted a book review of Constructing Accessible Web Sites (book excerpts at Amazon). The book includes a chapter on Flash on which the reviewer offers the following:
I was surprised that chapter 10 was devoted to Flash, as I expected that Flash coverage in an accessibility book would be limited to a few paragraphs lambasting Macromedia for creating such an inaccessible technology. Well, it turns out that the new version of Flash supports accessibility much better than previous ones. This chapter was a real eye-opener for me. Clearly there is more work to be done but well done to Macromedia for putting accessibility support in!
You can read the entire review, and comments here.

DRK : Stock Services Sample Application Update

I have found an issue with the Stock Services sample application and ActionScript / ColdFusion Library available on the DRK. In the Stock.cfc ColdFusion component file, the following code that starts at line 89:

  <cfset var startMonth =  Month(startDate)  />
  <cfset var startDay =  Day(startDate)/>
  <cfset var startYear =  Year(startDate) />
  <cfset var endMonth =  Month(endDate) />

should be changed to:
  <cfset var startMonth =  Month(startDate) – 1 />
  <cfset var startDay =  Day(startDate)/>
  <cfset var startYear =  Year(startDate) />
  <cfset var endMonth =  Month(endDate) – 1 />

If you noticed that the sample stock charting application began acting erratically, this should solve the problem. Sorry for the hassle.

Looking for Input on Flash Security Topics

I am currently putting together my DevCon session on Flash Security and am also considering updating the Flash MX Security Whitepaper. I am looking for some input on the following:
What topics do would you like to have covered in the presentation? What needs to be added / updated in the security whitepaper?
Post you suggestions in the comments section.

Search Added at DesDev

Just a quick FYI. We have added the ability to search the Designer and Developer Center at Before DesDev content would turn up in support center searches in some cases, but now it has its own dedicated search.
Try it now:



Allaire on Rich Internet Applications

The Java Developer’s Journal has posted an interview with Jeremy Allaire discussing ColdFusion MX, JRun 4 and Rich Internet Applications.
In response to question asking about Java on the client side and Flash Jeremy responds:
I don’t think Macromedia Flash has grown popular because of Java applets failure, but rather because of it’s own inherent benefits — an approachable scripting and design environment; a powerful and capable object model; strong built-in support for remote communication and back-end integration; very small, lightweight distribution of the runtime, and the ability to design very small, lightweight client applications because of its vector-based design, and finally the phenomenal ubiquity across pretty much every major browser, operating system and device platform.
You can read the entire article here.

Reminder : Weekly Flash Community Chat

Just a quick reminder that I am going to hold a chat today at 1 pm EST. This is your chance to hang around with other Flash developers, and ask any Flash related questions that you like.
The chat is at 1 PM EST, and is located here.
Depending out the turnout and interest, I might make this a weekly occurrence.