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Flash Project Development Process

Peter Hall made a useful post describing his Flash development process.
You can read his post here.

Flash Player Security / Privacy info

Concerned about Privacy and Security issues with the current Flash Player.
See this post for links to information.

VR Glove with Flash

Phillip Torrone (of FlashEnabled fame, book | website) has posted a couple of pictures and a video of using a virtual reality glove with Flash.
You can view the content here.

DataGrid Component Tutorial

DevMX has posted a fairly comprehensive tutorial on using the DataGrid component included with the Developer Resource Kit. It actually describes how to build a complete application using Flash, the DataGrid component and ColdFusion MX.
You can read the entire article here.

Introducing Director MX

We have posted information on the next version of Director, Director MX. Among other things the new version sports the MX interface, as well as support for Flash 6 movies. (Thus moving between Flash and Director, is much, much easier now).
It is a great solution if your project is just out of Flash’s reach.
You can find more info here.

What would Walmart do now?

Chris Mac Gregor of Flazoom has written a pretty extensive article on Flash usability. As Chris describes it:
It serves as a compliment to the original Wal-Mart article and offers my latest thoughts on one of the most pressing questions that we need to ask ourselves about using Flash; when is it best for the user?
You can read the entire article here.

Flash Player Release Candidate Build

We have put up a new build of the Flash Player Beta. This one is the release candidate build, which means that we are getting pretty close to the final build. It also means that you only have a little time left to submit new bugs.
You can find more info here.
You can read the release notes here.

DevCon Japan Update

Sorry for the lack of posts and updates the past couple of days. I had planned to blog the first day of DevCon Japan, but I ended up getting a pretty bad case of food poisoning and was stuck in bed for the past two days…
Anyways, I am feeling better and have a couple of sessions today. I will try to get some reports up from the conference.

Multi-player Gaming with Flash Com / Camera Levels

You may have noticed that video games that require the players to dance or run around are becoming increasing popular. In fact, I must have seen about 10 different ones today (one where you play the bongo drums, and one with maracas). Now, I am sure you have been asking yourself, how can I create a multi-player game in Flash that is based on the players motion.
Well, you are in luck, as DesDev Japan just posted an article on this very topic. The article basically shows how to use the camera activity levels and the Flash Communication server to create multi-player games based on user movement.
You can read it here.
The article is in Japanese, but you can still check out the example movies and FLAs. I saw one game today where you were a Bee trying to get some honey back from a bear. You have to literally move around to make the bee move, but if the bear saw you, you would get swatted. Of course, there are other people playing at the same time, and it is pretty funny seeing these heads bob up and down trying to get the Bee to move. Click on the OHAYO Player link in the article.

Quick Update / DevCon Japan

Just a quick update. I am sorry I haven’t been able to update much this week, but I have been swamped with some stuff here at Macromedia (details to follow shortly).
I am off to Tokyo tomorrow for DevCon Japan. I should have internet access and will try to do some reports from DevCon. However, it might take me a little longer to get back to you if you send me an email.
If you have any suggestions of places i should visit in Tokyo, post them in the comments section.