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Updated Flash Communication Server Components

We have released updated Flash Communication Server components. It includes a number of bugs fixes, as well as two new components:

  • VideoRecord

  • VideoPlayback

I think that these are the components that Jeremy used to create the DevCon video blog applicaiton. Here is some info from the errata.txt file included with the components:

  • The SimpleConnect component no longer has a memory leak on the client-side; previously, the memory leak occurred if you  typed faster than 1 character every 10 milliseconds.

  • The Presenter Shared Object property of the AVPresence component has been removed. Flash Communication Server now  sets the value property of the property automatically. You can use multiple instances of the AVPresence component in one  application without having to set this property for each instance.


  • The application.asc and framework.asc files have been modified to allow garbage collection for applications using  components. 

  • A new method, getClientID(client), has been added to the components framework. This method returns a unique ID for each client. The server-side scripts of the components provided have been updated to use this method.

You can download the updated components from here.

Flash Remoting Application Development Center

We have launched a new Flash Remoting Application Development Center on the Designer and Developer Center. As the name implies, the center contains tons of information, articles and other resources on using Flash Remoting with ColdFusion MX, Java and .NET servers.
You can check out the center here.
This actually launched last week but i missed it. Sorry about that.

Pictures of Flash Player on Sony Clie

Phillip Torrone has posted a couple of pics of the Flash 5 Player running on the new Palm based Sony Clie.
You can view the pictures here.

New Product from Macromedia : Contribute

We have announced a new product today, named Contribute. What is Contribute?
Contribute is the easiest way to update content for any HTML website, including sites built in Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, and other web tools. With Contribute, non-technical users can make changes while automatically respecting site standards for style, layout, and code in minutes—without knowing HTML.
Basically, it makes making small changes to a web page super simple. I have been using it a while for my internal pages at Macromedia, and it saves me a ton of time.
You can find more information at the Contribute product page, or read one of the many articles on Contribute at the new Contribute Development Center.  (There are already tons of article and tutorials available).
You can also download a working technology preview version of Contribute here.
You should also check out this week’s logged in, and JD’s Forum, both which discuss Contribute and its implications.
If you were at DevCon then there is a good chance you have already seen a sneak peak of this (remember the </ hassle> sessions?).

New Flash Player 6 Beta Build

We have released a new build of the Flash Player 6 Beta player. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, and contains quite a few fixes and addition.
You can find a complete list of fixes in the release notes.
You can find more info as well as download the player here.
Make sure that you report any bugs that you find, and you could win some pretty cool prizes.
In particular, we need the following areas to be tested:

  • Shared objects
  • Text entry (particularly international text)
  • Local files and CD-based content
  • Movies using bitmaps, and
  • ActionScript intensive movies.
  • Windowless Mode
  • Runtime Shared Libraries
  • ActionScript performance
  • Customization of HTTP headers

[via Greg Burch]

Flash 6 File Format Spec Bug Reports

If you find any bugs or documentation errors in the Flash 6 File Format Specification, you can report them to: : Macromedia MX Resource / Community Site

A new Macromedia MX site launched last week. is a resource site focusing on all Macromedia MX products. Aside from having a pretty sweet interface, there is already some good content online.
You can check it out here.
Btw, Todd Rafferty told me about this last week at DevCon but I didn’t get a chance to really check it out until now.

Macromedia Flash for Palm OS

We released a press release about Flash support on the new Sony Clie / Palm OS:
You can read the entire press release here.
You can find a video clip of the Clie running Flash here.

DevCon 2002 Wrapup

Well, it took me a couple of days longer than I expected to recover from DevCon, so here are my belated DevCon thoughts. My overall impression was that this was a very successful conference. Just having that many developers together (2300 – 2500 from different products) meant that I could not only find out what other people were talking about a were excited about, but it also gave me a chance to get a different viewpoint on some of our products and development issues.
Biggest surprise? The number of ColdFusion developers who told me that they were most excited about the Flash Communication Server and how easy it was to author content using the components.
Biggest disappointment? I only got to attend one session, and that one (Sam Wan’s on data visualization) was attending sitting outside of the packed conference room and accessing the session through a Flash Communication server app that Sam built (very cool, btw).
Video Blogs : These actually went pretty well, with a few techincal hicups. As of the end of DevCon, we had had over 50,000 views of the video reports. You can view them all here. Thanks to Jeremy Allaire for creating the video blog application.
Next years DevCon will be in San Diego, and I am defiantly looking forward to it. Below are some link of other DevCon coverage.

Here are some slides that have been posted online:

If you post any pictures or slides, put the link in the comments section and I will update the post.

Flash Communication Server Framework Article

We have published a very good article explaining the Flash Communication Server component Framework.

This was written by two of the developers who put the framework together, and is an excellent resource.
This will come in handy as we move the FCF project to work within the existing component framework.