Updated Flash Communication Server Components

We have released updated Flash Communication Server components. It includes a number of bugs fixes, as well as two new components:

  • VideoRecord

  • VideoPlayback

I think that these are the components that Jeremy used to create the DevCon video blog applicaiton. Here is some info from the errata.txt file included with the components:

  • The SimpleConnect component no longer has a memory leak on the client-side; previously, the memory leak occurred if you  typed faster than 1 character every 10 milliseconds.

  • The Presenter Shared Object property of the AVPresence component has been removed. Flash Communication Server now  sets the value property of the property automatically. You can use multiple instances of the AVPresence component in one  application without having to set this property for each instance.


  • The application.asc and framework.asc files have been modified to allow garbage collection for applications using  components. 

  • A new method, getClientID(client), has been added to the components framework. This method returns a unique ID for each client. The server-side scripts of the components provided have been updated to use this method.

You can download the updated components from here.

2 Responses to Updated Flash Communication Server Components

  1. wayne says:

    your videoplayback component is buggy. I am able to stream it and able to use the play and pause button, but can not use any of the slider

  2. Hello,Can someone tell me more about this component like how can I change the name how the file must be saved?ThanxxBjorn