Archive for December, 2002 : Introduction to Flash Remoting has posted a short article on Flash Remoting written by Dennis Baldwin. It is short, but provides a pretty good overview about what Flash Remoting is, and how it works.
You can read the article here.

New Public Flash Player

We have released a new public version of the Flash Player for all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux). The is the final version of the beta that has been running for a month or two.
You can download the updated version here.
Note, this is also the first public release of the Flash 6 Player for Linux, and has full support for all Flash 6 capabilities (such as Flash Remoting, Video playback, Flash Communication Server, etc…). You can find links to the Linux players here.
You can find more info on this release, as well as download standalone, authoring and debug players here.
Note, unfortunately, due to some last minute show stopper issues on OSX and Linux, the version numbers are not synced up across platforms. Here are the release versions:
Windows / Mac Classic: 6,0,65,0
Mac OSX : 6,0,67,0
Linux: 6,0,69,0
We are taking steps to ensure this does not occur again.
Finally, as JD pointed out, we have also linked to information about privacy and the Flash Player privacy settings at the bottom of the download page.

DRK : Save 10% : Last Day

The Edge Newsletter is running a promotion where subscribers to the newsletter can receive 10% off of the DRK (it doesn’t specify if it is DRK 1, 2 or both). Unfortunately, I just found out about it today, and today is the last day that the offer is available.
You can find more info on the offer here.
Btw, this months newsletter has a good article on Flash Remoting.

Joe Clark on Accessibility, Flash

Slashdot has an interview with Joe Clark on-line. There are a couple of questions which either directly or indirectly relate to Flash. The first question is actually a very good overview of different types of Flash content and how / whether it can be made accessible.
You can read the entire interview here.
[via JD on MX]

Flash Communication Server : the Community Builder

Fusion Authority has posted a report by the San Antonio Macromedia and ColdFusion User Group about their experiences of using the Flash Communication Server to broadcasts their meetings over the Internet.
It is a very informative read, and has some good tips if you are planning on doing something similar.
You can read the report here.
[via Judith Dinowitz]

DRK 2 : Advanced Calendar and Color Picker Example

I have put up a simple example using the Advanced Calendar and Color Picker components. The components are part of the Flash UI Component Set 54which is available of volume 2 of the Developer Resource Kit.
You can view the example here.
I will try and get some additional examples up soon.

Final Release Candidate Build Flash Player Beta

We just released the final public Release Candidate build beta for the Flash Player 6.
You can find more info, as well as download the beta here.
In order to qualify for one of the prizes (Studio MX, XBox, PS2), you must submit your bugs / issues by this Friday, December 6, 2002.
We are particularly interested in testing of the following areas:

  • Shared objects

  • Text entry (particularly international text)

  • Local files and CD-based content

  • Movies using bitmaps

  • ActionScript intensive movies

  • Windowless Mode

  • Runtime Shared Libraries

  • ActionScript performance

  • Customization of HTTP headers

Please, please, please take a little time and test your content. We are really trying to make this the most solid Flash player release ever.

ActionScript for Flash MX : The Definitive Guide : Sample Chapter

We have posted a chapter from Colin Moock’s much anticipated ActionScript for Flash MX : The Definitive Guide.
You can view the chapter here.
You can buy the book here.
I posted this in my previous message on new Flash MX content at the Designer and Developer center, but I wanted to put it in its own post to make sure that it has higher visibility.

New Flash MX Content at

We have updated the Macromedia Designer and Developer center with new Flash MX content today. I am particularly excited about this release because we have an entire chapter from Colin Moock’s upcoming ActionScript for Flash MX : The Definitive Guide.

Btw, as usual, if you have suggestions for article topics, or you would like to contribute an article (in English, German, French, Japanese, Koren, or any other language that we have a DesDev version), then just send me an email ( with the article topic you have in mind.

Developer Resource Kit : Volume 2 : Now Available

Volume 2 of the Macromedia Developer Resource Kit is available today. This volume contains Flash, Flash Remoting, ColdFusion, Fireworks and Dreamweaver content.
The Flash content includes:
Flash UI Component Set 4, which includes the following components:

MyPhoto Rich Internet Application : Sample Application

A ton of chapters from some of the newest and most popular books on creating Flash content, and Rich Internet applications. (I will put up a list of books / chapters shortly).
August to October Designer and Developer Center Archive.
Of course, Volume 1 is still available.
You can find more information on Volume 2 here, and you can purchase it here.
Update : DRK 2 is available for download when you purchase it. I also fixed the links above. Sorry about the hassle.