FYI : DRK Promotion is about to end

Just a quick FYI, the Developer Resource Kit promotion (buy one get one half off) ends this Saturday (January 31, 2003). The promotion allows you to buy DRK 1, and then get DRK 2 for half price.

Below is a list of some of the Flash related content included on the DRK:

  • DataGrid Component
  • Media Controller Component
  • Sound Player Component
  • Flash movie player Component
  • Flash Streamer Component
  • Loading Box Component
  • Advanced Message Box Component
  • Tool Tip Component
  • Tool Tip Light Component
  • Rich Text Editor Component
  • Smart Combo Box Component
  • Advanced Calendar Component
  • Color Picker Component
  • Simple Menu Component
  • MyPhoto Flash Photo Application
  • Stock Services Flash Remoting Library
  • Email Services Flash Remoting Library
  • Sample Applications
  • Complete Offline Archive of DesDev Center from January to October 2002

There is also a ton of Dreamweaver MX and ColdFusion MX content included.

Here are the links for more info on DRK 1 and DRK 2.

You can find more info on the promotion here.

19 Responses to FYI : DRK Promotion is about to end

  1. Phillip Kerman says:

    While I think the DRKs are a fine value, the statement that there’s a “Complete Offline Archive of DesDev Center” is false. I’ve found about half the links take you to the online desdev center. Additionally, the statement at macromedia that some 127 megs are on the disk is a big deceptive as it isn’t quite the much data… plus if you count just the English part it’s even less. Anyway, I’m not trying to diss the disk, but the “offline desdev” center is a good idea–but it’s just not true.

  2. mike chambers says:

    i wasn’t trying to mislead anyone. I updated the discription to indicate:Complete Offline Archive of DesDev Center from January to October 2002thanks for the heads up.mike

  3. Danger says:

    Thx, mike.I have received DRK2 🙂

  4. I on the other hand didn’t get my DRK1 . . . . Something about it was a promotional offer to the first 10,000 registered Studio MX users before Dec. 31. Somehow that info was lost on the many sites that mentioned the freebie DRK with Studio MX purchase. Another interesting thing was the online store . . . not only was my software backordered (which really helped me make the “first 10,000 registered” deadline, but the store never quite had the right order info. In fact it still shows that I should be getting two ColdFusion MX boxes. $$$$ order and no DRK1. *Sigh* Guess I’ll have to break down for the DRK2 combo.

  5. Phillip Kerman says:

    I’m confident you didn’t intend to mislead anyone. However, the promotional material should change. Additionally, MM should put the full archive on the CD. It doesn’t seem that difficult to me… but either way, it needs to be updated. Can you suggest a way for me to bring this to the attention of those involved in the product so they can fix it (both the CDs and the promo material)?Thanks,Phillip

  6. phillip,you can talk to me. what do you mean by a full archive? what is not on there that you want on there?mike

  7. Phillip Kerman says:

    Don’t get me wrong–I’m not trying to get on your case. But, first: the online material says “august to october” not “january to october” (like you have). Also, it doesn’t take much effort to go through the CDROM to find many links that require a connection to For example follow these links on the CD:First, click FlashCom development center, then… in the center column “Macromedia Flash Communication Server Logging”–that takes you online to a 2 August doc.While on the main fcs page, try clicking all the links. Only 2 are local.I really don’t want to go through the cd to see what isn’t included. I stumbled across several links without really trying.I guess my suggestion would be to at least include all the old white paper pdfs–not just the new ones. And, make sure the promo material is accurate (the above instance was a document from 2 aug 2002… so, according to the promo, it should have been included).Thanks,Phillip

  8. mike chambers says:

    >”august to october” not “january to october” (like you have)that is for drk 1 and 2.mike

  9. I’ve got DRK1 as a freebie after buying studio MX (I was lucky enough to be in the 10000!). I think I would have been quite disappointed if I had bought the whole thing – there was very little I couldn’t have got for free (eg desdev stuff, some 3rd party extensions). I also get stuff I can’t use (Cold Fusion / Flass Comm stuff). The main useful bits are the Flash UI components.I would much prefer to be able to buy and download the components individually from Macromedia, so I could just get the ones I want, with a download price of $10-$50, depending on the component. I’m not saying ditch the DRKs – they are useful to some people, and if there were several components, it may well be cheaper to buy. At least give us the option!Thanks,~nick~

  10. Diseño web says:

    > I would much prefer to be able to buy and download the components individually from Macromedia, so I could just get the ones I want, with a download price of $10-$50, depending on the componentI think “packages” are more convenient

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