FYI : DRK Promotion is about to end

Just a quick FYI, the Developer Resource Kit promotion (buy one get one half off) ends this Saturday (January 31, 2003). The promotion allows you to buy DRK 1, and then get DRK 2 for half price.

Below is a list of some of the Flash related content included on the DRK:

  • DataGrid Component
  • Media Controller Component
  • Sound Player Component
  • Flash movie player Component
  • Flash Streamer Component
  • Loading Box Component
  • Advanced Message Box Component
  • Tool Tip Component
  • Tool Tip Light Component
  • Rich Text Editor Component
  • Smart Combo Box Component
  • Advanced Calendar Component
  • Color Picker Component
  • Simple Menu Component
  • MyPhoto Flash Photo Application
  • Stock Services Flash Remoting Library
  • Email Services Flash Remoting Library
  • Sample Applications
  • Complete Offline Archive of DesDev Center from January to October 2002

There is also a ton of Dreamweaver MX and ColdFusion MX content included.

Here are the links for more info on DRK 1 and DRK 2.

You can find more info on the promotion here.