Macromedia Backgrounds for Sony / Ericsson t68i

I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes (here, here and here), so I put together a set of Macromedia backgrounds for the Sony / Ericsson T68i cell phone.

You can use these as the background or as the screen saver for the T68i and impress all of your friends.

Here are all of the Macromedia rune images for the T68i.

Authorware Logo ColdFusion MX Logo
Contribute Logo Director MX Logo
Dreamweaver MX Logo Fireworks MX Logo
Flash MX Logo Flash Communication Server Logo
Flash Remoting Logo JRun Logo

Just right click and download then, and then sync them with your cell phone. Then, from your T68i, select “Fun and Games” and then “My Pictures”. That will allow you to browse them and set them as your screen saver or background image.

12 Responses to Macromedia Backgrounds for Sony / Ericsson t68i

  1. phil says:

    how do u sync your phone to your pc?

  2. mike chambers says:

    i use infrared, and just send them from the pc to the phone.i also have bluetooth on the phone and pc, but i havent figured out how to get them to sync yet.mike

  3. Diseño web says:

    Another “simple” way??

  4. buscadores says:

    Only for Sony-Ericsson Mobiles??

  5. Very Good.Congratulations

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