New Flash Articles at DevMX

DevMX is quickly turning into one of the top Macromedia MX community and resource sites around. They have just posted a bunch of new resources, including:

You can view the site here.

9 Responses to New Flash Articles at DevMX

  1. na says:

    In my humble opinion one article at the DevMX is less useful than the other. Not to mention the red-blue fade at the top of the site, and the omnipresent red.In the article about edit permission, it displays some code any 13-old dog could write, but it doesn´t explain the important thing, the benefits of using edit permission.You are being to kind to this site…

  2. Josh Dura says:

    If you dont mind me responding…. Why would you post such childish, and stupid comments like this, and not even bother to leave your name/email? If you are going to say something, at least be able to back it up by posting your name…

  3. Mustafa Basgun says:

    Agree with Josh…At least, you should be respectful to the open source works.Whatever you said and without doubt; DevMX is one of the productive community resource.

  4. na says:

    Dear Josh, which part of my post do you want to argue: the beaufiful red-blue gradient, the engaging articles, or is it simpler to attack my tone and anonimity and oversee the core content?And dear Mustafa, I am actually being respectful, in fact, much more respectful than any of you two, in being able to honestly say what I thing.Now, I say we call it a truce, so I’ll aplogize for my alledged stupidity and childishness, and for the ultimate sin of posting anonymous, and for poining out some week points of the site, and, obviously, for wasting my time.(In case you worry, I won’t post here anymore, it’s all cool, no need for IP blocking.)

  5. Todd says:

    You know, it’s such a shame that you just can’t send feedback to instead of anonymously posting here. We’re always looking for suggestions and we’re certainly willing to accept content. In fact, just yesterday Fernando sent us feedback on Mustafa’s article and we’re doing our best to consider Fernando’s suggestions.Sure, maybe these articles aren’t going to make everyone happy and, that’s ok… there’s only so much we can do to make everyone happy because we all have fulltime jobs on top of running devmx. We’re just volunteering our time for the community and Dennis Baldwin is eating majority of the cost out of his own pocket.As for the gradient red-blue… well, we needed something that would stand out and draw attention to get people to register, but … perhaps it’s drawing too much attention. I’ll see what I can do to get that toned down a little and make the site a little more snazzier.In the meantime, is where you should send your suggestions and even your articles if you would like to participate, not anonymously on a blog comment.Thanks for your time,~Todd

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