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I will be out of my office for the next two days (Thursday and Friday). I am heading up to Boston for a bunch of meetings (woohoo!).

Anyways, if you email me or try to get in touch, it might take me a little longer than normal to get back to you. I will still be online, and will be making some posts to my weblog.

Quick Reminder : DRK Promotion (few more days)

This is just a quick reminder that the current Developer Resource Kit promotion expires in a little over a week (January 31, 2003). If you buy DRK 2 you can get DRK 1 for half price.

You can find more info here.

Keeping up to speed with mesh on mx

Just a quick note, you can submit your email address to the site, and be notified whenever I post new announcements, news or information from Macromedia. You can subscribe using the form on the right of the page (under the search form).

Again, I only plan to use it for new news and announcements from Macromedia.

Flash and the Designer / Developer Experience

Mike Williams is looking for some more input from Flash developers. Today he is asking about experience and how tools can help or hinder collaboration between designers and developers.

How do you as Internet designers and developers feel tools can address the issue of working better together? What frameworks appeal to you and how do you think they translate to Flash design and development?

You can view the entire thread, and post your comments here.

Interaction 2003 Contest at ericd

Just a quick heads up that you only have a couple of more days to submit content for the Interaction 2003 Flash contest being held by ericd.

There are tons of prizes, including DRKs, Sorenson Squeeze, and an autographed copy of FlashEnabled that is sure to be a collectors edition!

You can view the contest site here.

New Flash Resources at

We have launched a ton of new Flash content on the Designer and Developer center at

This releases’ focus and highlight is the new:

Rich Media Advertising Development Center

Here is a list of the new Flash MX resources:

We also launched a new Sample Application:

The Wildlife Project

This is a complete sample application that utilizes Macromedia Studio MX (including Flash MX). There are a ton of articles available (too many to list here). You can view all of the articles here.

Martin Luther King Jr Holiday in US

Today in the U.S. is a holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. The Macromedia offices are closed, and thus you may not see as many weblog updates, or Macromedia people posting in the community.

Everyone will be back tomorrow.

New Flash Articles at DevMX

DevMX is quickly turning into one of the top Macromedia MX community and resource sites around. They have just posted a bunch of new resources, including:

You can view the site here.

Flash Aggregator : Full as Goog

Full as Goog has had a bunch of updates this weekend. They added a number of new weblogs, and are publishing aggregated XML RSS feeds.

You can find more info on the specific updates here and visit the site here.

You can view all of the latest news in the Macromedia / Flash / ColdFusion / Dreamweaver worlds here.

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite aggregators. : Consuming Amazon with Flash Remoting

O’Reilly has posted an article on calling webservices from Flash via Flash Remoting. They use the Amazon webservices as an example.

Consuming Amazon with Flash Remoting

BTW, I know the title sounds a little weird, but it is O’Reilly’s title, not mine.

[via swfnews]