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MovableType and ColdFusion MX

A couple of people have noticed that I am hosting MovableType on a ColdFusion server and having MovableType generate ColdFusion Templates, and wanted to know how I did it.

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Flash MX Discussion : Application development and the Timeline

Mike Williams is looking for input on application development and using the timeline within Flash.

You can view the post and give you thoughts here.

Brainstorming : Standard XML format to list resources?

I was thinking about easier ways that I might be able to keep my resource links up to date and fresh, and I realized that it might be useful to have them stored in a single place and in a standardized format. Kind of an RSS of resource links.

So what do people think about coming up with an XML format that describes and lists online resources?

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Looking for updated resources

I am going to be updating the links and resources on the left side of my weblog. If you know of a Flash weblog which is not linked, or is linked incorrectly, then post the URL in the comments. I try to only list sites which are updated frequently or have useful info, so please keep that in mind.

Also, I have been considering adding a section for international weblogs about Flash, so if you know of any, post them in the comments along with the language that are in.

New Macromedia Weblog : Mike Williams : Flash Product Manager

Mike Williams, the Flash product manager for Macromedia, has set up his own weblog. He is aiming to use it to initiate discussion on Flash and its future.

You can view his weblog at:

Mike is in charge of driving the development and progress of Flash MX. He is THE man to speak to about Flash and the direction you would like it to move toward in the future.

Expect lots of good things from the weblog.

Welcome to the new home of mesh on mx

As you can see, my weblog has a new server, url, and most noticeably, a new look. Thanks to Josh Dura who put together this kick ass design for my site.

When linking to the main page of this site, please use this URL:

The domain name will probably change soon, and that URL will always redirect to the current site.

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Macromedia Acquires Presedia

We just released a press release announcing that we have acquired Presedia.

From the press release:

Presedia Express enables non-technical professionals to use existing office productivity tools like Microsoft PowerPoint, annotate their presentations with audio, and combine these two elements into a streaming Macromedia Flash application delivered via a hosted or licensed solution.

You can read the entire press release and find more information here.

Presedia makes a tool that allows users to convert powerpoint slides into Flash applications / slides. Pretty cool. Now you can take advantages of the cross platform availability and ubiquity of the Flash player to ensure that all users can view your presentations and slides.

Restricting Access to Flash Remoting

Tom Muck has posted some concerns about malicious developers potentially hijacking a Flash Remoting adaptor and using it to call external web services without permission (essentially stealing resources and bandwidth from the server). The problem arises because there is no way to configure Flash Remoting to deny / authenticate requests for web service proxying.

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Quick weblog updates

Thanks to everyone who offered their services as a designer in response to my request. The position has been filled and you should see the results of the work in the coming days (it is pretty sweet).

Also, there will be some changes with my weblog in the coming weeks, possibly including a new URL. If you link to my weblog, please use this URL:

as that will always point to my weblog, even it it moves.

Sorry for the sporadic posts lately, but as I mentioned above, I have been working on some changes to the weblog, and will hopefully get back up to speed soon.

Sneak Peak : New Flash Player Penetration Stats

The new Flash Player penetration stats are in (from December). The Flash Player 6 has 72% penetration. That is a 19% increase from just 3 months ago.

The reports on the website should be updated early next week.